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    Exclamation Saga quests broken!

    The saga quests in Realm of the Fae (normal) is broken.

    Quest: The Coup
    No platoons or commanders spawn.

    Quest: The Beastmaster
    Naveer do spawn, but can not obtain the Blade of Light.
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    The sagas were not supposed to be active yet. There was a brief window of time early Wednesday morning during which people were inadvertently allowed to start the chain. Further progression should be possible once the full chain is officially unlocked.

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    Still having this issue, and the saga is supposed to be active now! Exact same problem that Klosax mentioned.
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    I've done this step of the Guardian saga a couple of times now and I haven't had anyone with problems. I don't doubt your broken quest since someone in my guild also ran into it.

    My only suggestion would be to stand in front of the quest giving npc and drop the quest and then immediately exit the client. Then restart Rift and retake the quest. Hopefully that would reset your system tagging and allow you to continue the quest.
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