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Thread: CLERIC - RUNESHAPER Seal of Pain

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    Default CLERIC - RUNESHAPER Seal of Pain

    I have found a bug with Seal of Pain / Rune of Travail / Seal of Vulnerability.
    In random occasions, during a fight, Seal of Pain was fading instantly. I have spend some time on a dummie, trying to find why does it happen like that. So it looks like Rune of Traivail (from time to time) resets SoP and replaces it with Seal of Vulnerability.
    I have dubble checked soul tree (I am a newbie in this game, I do NOT know all the skills, Runeshaper is a black magic for me) and found only one talent Powered Inscriptions connected to Rune of Traival - which should refresh the duration on SoP not delete it.


    If I am missing something, some mechanic, please correct me.
    Thank you.

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    I've also noticed Seal of Tavail, which should be refreshing the duration of your applied Seal, changing pain into vulnerability. Kind of sucks and nothing states it should be working this way.

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