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Thread: Even Justice grants too many convictions

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    Default Even Justice grants too many convictions

    On AE pulls Even Justice fills your convictions right up. On single target if you're at 0, one use of Even Justice puts you at 4.

    I don't see any talents that would increase the number of convictions granted by Even Justice and I don't remember it working this way back when I still played around CoA release.

    My guess is that somehow Legendary version of Even Justice is active on Prime.
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    Confirmed on live

    On a level 51 with this soul tree: https://i.imgur.com/ezqnMbQ.png

    Simply standing in TB and hitting Even Justice once grants 6 convictions.

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    A lot of the legendaries for clerics have odd behavior.

    A couple of example are...

    Hammer of Faith has a ton of ability lag.
    Healing Flood grants extra stacks of Faith's reward.

    It's like both versions of the abilities are going off with each button press and it has to decide which version to use every time. Often doing both.
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