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Thread: Constant spell lag in dungeons

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    Default Constant spell lag in dungeons

    Hi Trion.
    I've been having an off and on issue while in dungeons as well as my group mates where spells don't go through and we all get crazy lag spikes. I'm currently using EPB Fiber. 1000mb/1000mb. It's def not my internet, I dont have this issue on other mmo's. Ive turned off add-ons to make sure it wasnt a bad addon, i've repaired my game. I've done everything to alleviate the problem but it still exists.

    As I am paying a subscription to this game monthly, I expect a little bit more from you guys. I'm not making threats of leaving, I'm actually really enjoying myself but if the game continues this way in dungeons and raids, I may be less inclined to stick around. I hope you guys can sort this out! You have a good thing going with Prime, it would be unfortunate if people left over something that could possibility be fixed by you guys!
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    Biggest issue thats causing this and all other big lag bombs is the ZEs, the amount of arrows on the ground combined with the number of players in attendance is causing the server to throttle and bottle neck under the data load

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