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    Default In game youtube upload function crashes game and loses video

    Pretty much just what the title says. ctrl y works just fine, it starts recording, and then when it's ready to upload and you enter your login information and hit upload the game crashes
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    Ever since they took away the mobile app I have never been able to get these to work. I was informed by support when I submitted a ticket a ticket a couple years ago that these are no longer supported. That some people it will continue to work but trying to log into them fresh it will not work. But that is support for you. So not sure as I do not know of anyone that it works for, if they still do would love to know how to get them to work.
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    it is true, these features are no longer supported and we REALLY need to get that UI edited and out of the game. I am sorry you ended up with a frustrating experience on that front. Very few people ever try it.

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    Is tumblr still supported, or will it be removed too?
    Uploading still works fine, but it stops working once you restart the game, and you have to re-enter your credentials. I have a bug report in the bug report forum somewhere.
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