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Thread: Eldritch Armor proc consumed by instants

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    Default Eldritch Armor proc consumed by instants

    Per RIFT 4.0: Hotfix #2 11/19/2016
    * Eldritch Armor is no longer incorrectly consumed by instant effects
    However, I have Bloom specced to be instant cast, but my Eldritch Armor's proc is still being consumed by it.

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    Bloom is still tagged as cast time even when talented to be instant. This is true for other cast time skills made instant in other specs too. So talents that increase the damage of cast-time abilities still work on them.
    What you're saying makes sense, but I'm not sure it'd be easy to fix.
    I would not take the talents that make Bloom instance in Harb. Before legendaries we didn't use Bloom with EA procs anyway.

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