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Thread: List of Saboteur Bugs

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    Default List of Saboteur Bugs

    1 - "Bombs Away! - Your Detonate now grants a combo point" This does not work unless you have at least 1 point in another, completely unrelated skill called "Fragmentation Clusters." Bombs Away can still stop working, even with Fragmentation Clusters, after dying.

    2 - "Battle Multitasking - You generate a charge in combat every ___ seconds" 2 seconds when 5/5 skill. Sometimes this does not work and your charges do not generate from this while in combat.

    3 - "Cloud Maker - Using Flashbang or Satchel Charge gives you 1 - 3 stacks of Chemical Mixture, the closer to 10 stacks you are the more damage this deals" Sometimes the Chemical Mixture stacks don't work - they both don't generate and don't show up on your buff bar at all. This bug often occurs with No. 2

    4 - Sometimes after being battle rezd my Charges will regenerate as if out of combat, so i basically have unlimited charges to spam bombs since they regenerate fast out of combat. This usually lasts a minute or 2.

    5 - Sometimes when detonating Annihilation Bomb on enemies, the bomb isn't removed, making it so i can repeatedly detonate it without first having to spend the charges to reapply it.

    6 - "Fragmentation Clusters - detonating Frag Sticky Bomb applies Frag Clusters to you which increase the damage of Satchel charge by 10%/20%" Not sure if a bug or just not explained properly on the tooltip, but this can stack up to 3 times before using Satchel Charge and then resets on SC use and if it is intended, it would be good to get some feedback on the UI, maybe a stack count on the buff bar like most other things and some clarification on the tooltip.

    7 - This is gonna be a fun one to explain: "Time Bomb - TL:.DR does more damage and gives more combo points the more time it's off cd, before using. To a cap of 5 combo points and certain amount of damage in what seems like 10secs (after cooldown). The skill has a 20sec cd and if specced into "Combat Arming - the cooldown of your Time Bomb is reduced by 2 seconds per point" it reduces the cooldown by 10secs when maxed 5/5 - i'm not sure if this is intended but it seems to also reduce that after-cooldown ramp-up time by 10secs also - Since the ramp-up is 10 secs and the reduction on Combat Arming is 10 secs - While being specced into "Combat Arming" it will do the max ramp-up time damage and combo points generated almost as soon as it comes off cooldown. But then, if you spec into "Fragmentation Clusters" to solve the issue with bug no. 1 - It seems to need that 10secs ramp up after cooldown again, even with Combat Arming.


    I personally hope Combat Arming is supposed to reduce both Time Bomb cd and ramp-up time, that the bug is it not working with Frag Clusters because those instant 5 combo points to charges off cd has been a staple in such a resource hungry spec - especially when using the higher up more expensive bombs and especially when bug no.1 and no. 2 are also resource bugs that we've had to deal with at the same time...
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