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Thread: Mentor problems, can't set mentor level lower than max level for zone.

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    Default Mentor problems, can't set mentor level lower than max level for zone.

    I have noticed when going to lower levels zones you are automatically mentored to the level cap of the zone, this is working fine.

    The problem is if you go to a lower zone and you try to change your mentor level to something lower to match the content you are doing you can't. For example I was in silverwood, I automatically get mentored from 35 to 20, but I was closing rift for the zone event that were level 10 so I tried to change my mentor level to everything from 10 all the way to 19 and no matter what I did I was stuck at level 20.

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    I'm seeing that I'm not mentored in Silverwood but if I get to Sanctum I AM - so the process of doing it is working, but it's not registering in Silverwood.
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    Default Same Issue cant mentor with Low level friend

    I am 21 and want to mentor down to 10 to help kill mobs with out causing XP Penalty to him but I cant do it. I get the fancy animation but always stays at 20

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    Silverwood has special rules, dating back from the days, where f2p players could play in silverwood and freemarch. This dates from before the game went f2p.

    Players could get a sniff of Rift, play upto level 20 in Silverwood and Freemarch. Since there was no mentoring/sidekicking then, all content in both Silverwood and Freemarch is green/xp rewarding upto level 20.

    so the mentoring is working as intended.

    What I did notice was that as level 36, mentored to 20, I got a banner for the boss Inhibrius.

    inhibrius was walking in Treants grove, level 8.
    i quit hitting, because he went down fast and players were still running to the fight.

    At the end of the fight I noticed my rewards..

    7 Xp (2 mentored xp) (3 bonus xp)
    1 silver
    24 planarite
    60 void stones.

    Dungeons give scaled rewards, but open world is apparenly a very different story.

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