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Thread: Experiencing lag

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alatarv View Post
    if you're blaming the lag on high ping times from EU, I CAN tell you that's not it.
    Displayed ping is between 170 and 190ms for me, but I have noticed on several occasions there often is a delay of 1-2 seconds (sometimes more) between a key press and the translation of that on-screen indeed, be it mounting up in an overland zone, or activating abilities in a dungeons.

    Wasn't the 64-bit client to improve stablity as well? Generally my game crashes 5-6x a day, and I get thrown off the server 2-3x per day on top of that.
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    I'm in the states as well with a .33 ping and a gigabit fiber connection to my home. At peak times, 7-10pm EST, I'm noticing ability lag in 5 man dungeons.

    Even in raid rifts I get no lag on Live. So something is up on Prime. Likely server load...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AsteroidX View Post
    There was many places prior to Prime launch where it was stated that it was located in NA and that a Euro version may never or may be available at a later day depending on variables. However I do wish this was not an issue for Euro players as you guyz and galz are fun.
    Footprint could not know that. The German advertising for Prime does not refer, that there is only one Server with location in the NA. Many European players will probably expect, that they play on an EU located Prime Server.

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    I am from Germany aswell and have the same issues. Abilities wont go of and show error messages like: Another Ability is prepping.
    It cant be the ping cuz this lag is way to crazy for that. I played alot on NA live servers too and never experienced this kind of lag we are having on Prime.
    Kinda feels like the server is being DDOSed, that kind of lag.

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    It's not a 'latency (ping) lag' it's definitely a server lag.
    Playing from EU and sometimes it working quite smoothly, but when we approaching the prime time, it quickly becoming unplayable. Instant abilities taking like 2-5 sec to go off..

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