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    Still today, 10 months later, this is one of the least stable and least-performing professionally-developed apps I've used, surprising from Trion. It often takes longer to load the Lootables list than my screen lock timeout (even over wifi), so I have to periodically touch the screen to keep it from locking. Sometimes the lootable window will be overlaid twice, so you have to scratch and dismiss it twice. Sometimes it just goes black and you have to know where the scratch areas / dismiss button are and touch that area. Sometimes it just freezes and you can't do anything.

    All of the problems of the app seem to center around being unfamiliar with the android platform. The actual interaction with Rift has always worked as long as the app itself wasn't locked up.

    Additionally, I would like the app to notify me when someone says my character name in guild chat or maybe a special tag like @MyName.
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    Default So.

    As of June 5th 2013, this app is still unusable by a majority of android users.

    Can you just save us the trouble and take it off the market. Makes me sad when i go to try it again and all it does is force close.

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    I first learned about (and started using) this app on my HTC One Android phone yesterday.

    The app is a cool idea and I like it a lot (the "just log in every 6 hours and you can get maximum loot chances" is nice). I do have two small bugs and one large one to report.

    First, my main Lootables screen is blank. I can click "Play" but until I watched a Youtube video of someone else playing it, I had no idea there were three types of lootables games! The screen is just blank. If I swipe the blank screen before hitting Play I can access the other loot types, but have no visual feedback beforehand which game I'm choosing.

    Second, the actual lootables screens automatically show all the pictures/icons, they are not covered at all and no "scratching" is necessary. This actually makes it faster to play and I don't mind it, but it's certainly not working "as intended."

    My biggest issue is that, while I could play lootables while logged in yesterday and all rewards immediately showed up in-game via mail, since this morning I have not received ANYTHING from the game that I've "won" or redeemed (including a few dozen Planite and one Artifact thus far). Nothing has been mailed to me since yesterday's emergency maintenance correcting the login and disconnect issues. I don't know if they will ever be mailed, or if they've been lost to the ether.

    In short: buggy but working app, but rewards are not being delivered since yesterday's maintenance. Please investigate.

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