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Thread: Loot table, Feedback of mini game.

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    Default Loot table, Feedback of mini game.


    First off all, cheers for an awesome application. Fantastic idea, and I love it really.

    I've been reading the forum here, and I kept wondering what the "Crazy Critters" and "Shinies" people where talking about is.

    Now I figured!
    Apparently it doesn't work with all the downloaded applications (Zone (Denmark) / device problems? (Iphone 3Gs)


    This is the Loot table menu as you can see. When pressing the "I" for informations, the only box which occurs, if the one you slightly can see in the background. I can read it at least.


    This is the "unscratched" game. You can't press done, until you tried the scratch off what you can't see. Running your finger over the icons your already able to see.

    It's always the same game, with mostly the same rewards as well.
    I've never gotten any artifacts, and many people seem to be talking about.

    But hey, it's lacking all the gfx, so not even sure it's different games your playing (Which it doesn't seem like, hence according to the pictures on the "teaser" on AppStore, the icons are placed differently in the different mini-games)

    I assume this is a know issue, but I hope it'll be some sort of help anyway.

    Keep up the good job Trion, fantastic overall so far!

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    Got the very same problem as described above.

    Iphone 3GS, IOS 4...

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    Same problem here.
    iPhone 4G, iOS 5.01
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    I have the same problem on my iPad2 with the latest iOs version.

    The other games are there (if you swipe to the left, you will get to the othergames). but you can't see them until you start playing a game. Therefore you must guess which game you are going to play. This is a game in itself but (i assume) not one that Trion planned.

    As others remarked: the scratch-off layer is not visible on my iPad and i see all the icons from the start. I need to "scratch" the icons that i need for the reward but I know the outcome before I start :-)

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    Default Doesnt work at all

    i have exactly the same problem and im rather disappointed with this, especially if this is due to the zones..
    Device: iPod Touch 4 - Zone: Turkey
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    Same issue, I can't see what scratch game I'm going to play on my Galaxy S2.

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    I have this problem in both my ipad and my android. Can't play at all, really frustrating.

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