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Thread: Crafty Critters delayed or failed

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    Default Crafty Critters delayed or failed

    Delayed entry (30 sec to infinite) on Crafty Critters after playing it once. If I quit the game... not just go to the home screen, but actually terminate the ap and relaunch, crafty critters lets me in. It also consumes a credit on each fail although I'm pretty sure it's emailing the currently selected character the rewards even though the CC UI never came up because I saw some crafting loot in email I didn't remember winning on the ap.

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    Oh, that's an interesting theory about the loot. Now I have to start taking notes. It would make sense, though.

    I have this problem on my iPhone 4S, but not on my iPad. I can generally avoid it if I play twice, then exit and force quit the app, and restart it.
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