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Thread: Warrior VK Tanks Curse Dps For CQ, This Is My Personal Try It Out..

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    Default Warrior VK Tanks Curse Dps For CQ, This Is My Personal Try It Out..

    1) Vk - Full 61 points..
    2) Champion - Take No Prisoners up Full 5 point , Deadly Strike Up Until 4 Points , And 1 more points at Shared Suffering.
    3) Rift Blade - Element Flux 4 points..


    My Pulling Macro..

    cast Fusion Of Flesh
    cast Void Summon
    cast Spell Destruction
    cast Airburst (i dont know if it work tho on cq but i still put in just in case)
    cast Shock Burst.

    First Macro

    cast Rift Shield
    cast Rift Summon
    cast Discharge
    cast Spell Sunder
    cast Spark
    cast Rift Reversal
    cast Savage Sweep

    Second Macro..

    cast Shock
    cast Spell Breaker
    cast Power Shield
    cast Devouring Blow
    cast Mark Of Inevitability

    Third Macro..

    cast Power Shield
    cast Ragestorm
    cast Tempest
    cast Void Storm
    cast Reckless Strike

    The Aoe Macro 3 attack points..

    cast Protective Shield
    cast Unstable Reaction (wait Until The Channeling Is over Then Use Next Skill)
    cast Devouring Shield

    And the Last One is the Buff Macro

    cast Accord Of The Rift
    cast Void

    (and put this skill beside the macro)

    Unstable Void ..

    Try Find Out The Way To Make The Pull Reset More With the Macro give Just use Them All 3 Macro Rapidly and It Will reset alot So far As I use em..

    K that All thanks..

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    FYI, this contest ended more than four months ago. And this guide doesn't fit the format for submission anyways.

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    Default Thanks For The Update..

    Well They Can Improvise the Spec And Macro and make it more better..
    i'm just sharing this cuz so far i'm playing with it on CQ it is Fun so u guys can try it and improvise them to make it more better and im not in it for the contest just would share my knowledge of RIFT playing..
    Thanks Muspel for the advise..
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    u can replace riftblade with tempest.
    ull have issues to build Swords if ppl keep runing.
    2points tempest for ranged attacks (2/5 amped) (shcock pulse and skyfall)
    and add 2/3 on quick footed on champ tree to increase ur dodge and AP.
    ull be able to deal dps against runners while waiting ur teleport to be refreshed and building ur sowrds for ur finishers.

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