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Thread: Newbie question: Class for me

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    Default Newbie question: Class for me

    Hello guys, it's my first post on the forum so if I wrote this topic in wrong place, pardon.

    My friend invited me to RIFT but this game has something that other dont. I mean a lot of skills combinations. Im player of "older mmorpg" like Cabal or Archlord.
    I was trying to get some info from guides but it's hard to decide which class suits me in RIFT.

    In most of the games i was playing warrior. Brainless* guy with high attack, medium defence and nice survi. This kind of class was good for PvE and not bad at PvP. Well in most of the games it was simply choice, but in RIFT i have to ask you about simiar class like this. Will i find a class for me in RIFT?
    PS. I don't like classes where half of spells need some time to casts.
    PSS. Question from my friend. Do the number of players decrased in last 6 months? He was surprised that theres almost no people at starting locations now.

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    Welcome to Telara Zaxerf!

    If you like to play a warrior, then you will really like the flexibility here in Rift. There are a lot of different roles you can fulfill with different soul combinations. So, I suggest you check out the Warrior Class forum and also the Warrior guide section. A lot of players have written some great guides on what soul combo works well for certain roles - DPS, Tanking, Raids, Solo PVE etc.

    Warrior Discussion Forum

    Have fun and try out different roles and/or classes. You can create up to 3 characters per server, so you can try Cleric or Rogue as well. Both have tanking specs as well.

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