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Thread: Radiant Fiery Elementalist

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    Default Radiant Fiery Elementalist

    A leveling build for soloists that progresses well from 1 to 60. It combines tanking, ranged dps, and healing all-in-one.



    • 1 - 20, you'll be focused on pet building and improving survivability. Radiant Spores helps you and pet.
    • 20 - 40, combine Synthesis on pet, Ruin, and Nature's Touch for both damage and healing
    • 40 - 60, Focus is less on pet, more on mage's damage. Use Internalize Charge for increased damage with Ruin and Volcanic Eruption.

    Your earth pet is all you really need. The air pet's damage boost is good for the times when you do group. The water pet can be useful at some points for debuffing/interrupts but in general isn't needed. If you think you're missing out on the fire pet, it's damage increase doesn't compare to your own at the level its given and doesn't fit in with the soloist play style of this build.

    What I like about this build is that it doesn't rely on Storm Legion souls, so it's a great starter for free-to-play accounts that are not yet sure about the game.

    Point choices you make while leveling from 1 to 60 aren't the same as you would if you were respecc'ing from level 60. So once you reach 60 I would advise re-rolling the skill tree. However, for those first time players that don't really know what to choose this build will work from 1 to 60 without a re-spec.

    I used a small variation of this build myself from 1 to 60 and it served me very well. I say variation because instead of Pyromancer I used Dominator's Mass Charged Shield with the idea that the damage shield would aid in the pet holding agro. But Mass Charged Shield is no longer available for other reasons.

    The Pyromancer replacement will get you used to Internalize Charge, Countdown, Flamebolt which will get you started training for another role at 60, the Pyrochon, or Pryobringer.

    Level 1
    You start with your pet, Radiant Spores, Crystalline Missiles, and Flame Bolt.
    1. Start with Radiant Spores (RS) on target as it won't draw hate.
    2. Send in your pet to attack so he can gain hate.
    3. Hit with Flame Bolt (FB) so it's cooldown starts counting.
    4. Continue with Crystalline Missiles (CM) until FB is ready again
    5. Refresh RS if needed, otherwise repeat the FB, CM cycle.
    Side Note: You also have Fireball and Vile Spores as alternatives to Crystalline Missiles. It takes a lot of skill points to reduce Fireball's cast time to where it becomes a better alternative to Crystalline Missiles so its not worth casting. Vile Spores has the same cast time at this point as CM but its damage is less, it doesn't do its damage over time yet, and will never offer any healing to make up for its less damage. So we center our efforts on CM.
    Level 2
    You'll gain Lightning Strike (LS). With a 10 second cool down add it before FB, but as you level you'll never use LS again. The reason is its cast time never decreases compared to Crystalline Missiles so the extra damage you get from the burst doesn't keep up. It still has its use as an opener since during the 2.5 second cast time your pet is gaining hate.
    I would open with Radiant Spores (RS) -> Pet -> Lightning Strike (LS)
    Then FB -> CM -> CM -> CM -> CM -> FB -> repeat
    Level 4
    You gain Elemental Forces, try it out, use it if you want but I find micro managing it too tedious to bother with.

    Level 5
    You've decreased CM's cast time so you can get more CMs between FBs. It's up to you at this point if you want to open with LS.

    Level 6
    You get Withering Vine, even though its an AoE, its an instant cast with no additional cool down which makes it a good way to use as a DoT (damage over time) and HoT (heal over time). Be careful when fighting groups as it may cause the adds to agro you instead of pet, but for mobs the pet has under control or single encounters there is no reason not to use this.
    Use it after LS
    RS -> Pet -> LS -> WV
    FB -> CM -> CM -> CM -> CM -> CM -> CM -> FB
    Refresh WV when you need to refresh RS.
    Level 8
    You get Ignite, like any DoT, use it like you would Withering Vine. Your opener is getting convoluted, probably a good time to lose LS.
    RS->Pet ->WV->Ignite (I)
    FB -> CM -> CM -> CM -> CM -> CM -> CM -> FB
    Level 11
    You get Ice Shield, use it whenever you get an add or you steal hate from pet.

    Level 12
    You get an air pet, it does more overall dps than the earth pet. But since this is a soloist build you won't use it often, just use it when grouped. You also receive Stone Armor, just cast it and enjoy the minor damage reduction on pet. You also get Entropic Veil which trying to manage isn't worth the effort, so ignore it.

    Level 14
    You get your first direct target heal. By hitting F1 once you can target yourself and cast for a quick heal, by hitting F1 twice you can target your pet and throw it a quick heal. You won't need Bloom for pet once you get Ruin and Nature's Touch, or Quicken Elements, but for now enjoy it.

    Level 15
    Your Bloom is now an instant cast and you get Lifegiving Veil. Use giving veil until Synthesis or in a raid situation.

    Level 18
    You get your second AoE, Burning Ground. As a whole this build is AoE deficient and even with Burning Ground you're still deficient. Against a group of mobs, first decide to fight or flee. If you decide you're going all or nothing, then make sure you have this macro'd.
    Macro Name: AoE/2
    #show Burning Ground
    cast Radiant Spores
    cast @gtae Burning Ground
    What you do is click once to cast radiant spores at the group to get some healing benefit, then while RS is on cool down click the macro again to cast Burning Ground directly underneath your current target (@gtae). The "/2" in the name helps you remember to click twice. Then cast Withering Vine for a little more AoE dmg + healing. You can't add Withering Vine to the macro because it doesn't have a long cool down like Radiant Spores and will prevent other abilities from firing. So you have to click separately.

    Level 21
    You get Quicken Elements, no more having to hit F1 twice and casting Bloom on pet. Quicken Elements doesn't need line of sight or close range to work, maybe they'll fix that someday but for now, enjoy.

    Level 22
    GREATER ELEMENTAL AFFINITY! Enjoy your new juggernaut earth pet.
    Open up your Elementalist soul skill list (not soul tree) and look for Summon Greater Earth Elemental and Summon Greater Air Elemental and add them to the ability bar.
    Basically at this point we need to spend some points to get higher in the skill tree. The options are: Cycle of Earth, Elemental Surge, Icy Gale, Abrasion, Charged, Tempest, Biting Cold.
    • Cycle of Earth: Only 2 points gets +15% dmg on next air spell after casting a spell that does earth damage. The problem is the only spell at this point that would help is Lightning Strike which we really won't be using much if at all. It could help a couple other spells later but not worth it now.
    • Icy Gale: This is a never spell. Never get it. Think of combat as a choreography, you lead with a pull, the target's friends join in, they come at you instead, they hit you, you Icy Gale them to buy some thinking time, and 1 note-beat later they are back hitting you again, you used your reaction time on a skill that didn't buy you any breathing room. You wasted a skill point and gained nothing that really can help you. For this to ever be useful, the snare would need to be exceptional which it isn't. (DEVS: Think how slow a Planar Invader mob moves when coming up to a source well to build an idol, that should be the goal of this skill. Your looking to buy time to think and react when overwhelmed with adds).
    • Abrasion: There isn't a 1 to 1 correspondence between ignoring 1% of resist and doing 1% more damage. So its not worth putting points into when there are better options.
    • Charged: This sounds good, +15% damage and +15% critical hit chance on Lightning Strike, except if you remember that LS's cast time is still 2.5 seconds. You can put points in other things that help all abilities.
    • Tempest: Critical hits already have some sort of base damage/heal increase. Let's just arbitrarily say it's 20% more than base. Would you rather crit 5% more often for a 20% increase in dmg or crit 5% less often for a 25% increase in dmg? Exactly, increasing your chances comes before the amount of damage you want to do. So pass on this.
    • Biting Cold: See Tempest for explanation. Since this affects every ability and spell tick this is the skill of choice over the others.
    Level 24
    Water pet. I like its ability to remove a buff from the target, and in many cases at this point you can survive without a tank pet holding agro so have some fun with it while you can but later you'll be back to the earth pet. Also, you get Channel Elements, even at level 60 I never needed it.

    Level 29
    Synthesis and Lifebound veil. Use Synthesis on earth pet or group tank. Your damage on target will provide a percentage of healing to the Synthesis target. You only need a hotkey for Lifegiving Veil and Synthesis. Lifebound Veil will be cast automatically whenver Synthesis is cast, and will overwrite Lifegiving Veil if its active.

    Level 30
    Fast Summon. Can be useful for the rare occasion that your pet dies in the middle of a fight or getting quickly setup. But doesn't happen very often.

    Level 33
    Stormbolt and Icy Carapace. Useful together, cast Icy Carapace around the same time as Ignite and follow with Stormbolt a few seconds later to make Icy Carapace explode. Stormbolt at this point is an instant cast due to where we invested in Sudden Storm, so you'll never know the pain of a cast time on this one.
    RS -> Pet -> WV -> I ->
    Icy Carapace (IcC) -> FB -> StormBolt (SB)-> CM -> CM -> CM -> CM -> CM -> CM -> IcC
    Remember to refresh RS, WV, and I when needed
    Level 36
    Natural Conversion, when you can anticipate a devastating attack from the enemy pop this first and turn the damage into healing.

    Level 37
    Nature's Touch and Ruin. Use Ruin along with your DoTs like Ignite. Nature's Corrosion turns this direct damage spell into a direct damage/DoT hybrid. Use Nature's Touch sparingly when you feel your pet needs some extra healing. The long cast time makes this a DPS loss. Its a better go to than Quicken Elements because it still does damage. Put Nature's Touch with situation or healing spells.
    RS -> Pet -> WV -> I ->
    Ruin (R) -> IcC -> FB -> SB-> CM -> CM -> CM -> CM -> CM -> CM -> R
    Remember to refresh RS, WV, and I, when needed usually just before Ruin
    Level 39
    Sever Bonds and Volcanic Eruption. Sever Bonds works well to release you from control effects. Volcanic Eruption does a lot of damage over 3 seconds and will cooldown 3 times as fast as a Pyromancer's Flame Volley. VE and Ruin together will be your top 2 DPS abilities. Put it after Stormbolt but before Crystalline Missiles.
    RS -> Pet -> WV -> I ->
    R -> IcC -> FB -> SB-> Volcanic Eruption (VE) -> CM -> CM -> CM -> CM -> R
    Only do enough CMs till ruin and VE are off cooldown.
    Level 41
    Fire Armor. Use in place of Stone Armor for awhile a 5% damage increase. At this point damage is more about what the mage can do than what the pet can do. There will still be another mage armor coming that will replace Fire Armor, but for now enjoy it.

    Level 42
    Internalize Charge. Learn to control your charge and this toggle during casting cycles. You won't appreciate why now, but you will at 60, and the sooner you learn the better. Because I never mastered this while leveling, it was one of my hardest learning curves when I hit 60.
    RS -> Pet -> (if max charge) Internalize Charge (IC) -> WV -> I ->
    R -> IcC -> FB -> SB-> VE -> CM -> CM -> CM -> (if max charge) IC -> R
    Level 45
    RS -> Pet -> (if max charge) IC -> WV -> I ->
    R -> IcC -> Countdown (C) -> FB -> SB-> VE -> CM -> CM -> CM -> (if max charge) IC -> R
    Level 48
    Flaring Intellect. Enjoy the int boost, but don't worry if a bard overwrites it, theirs is better.

    Level 53
    Rushing Elements. Lowers your global cool down to 1 second for 15 seconds. Not as great as other classes which can lower their permanently.

    Level 54
    Elemental Burst. Adds a bit more dps to your rotation. Insert after Storm Bolt.
    RS -> Pet -> (if max charge) IC -> WV -> I ->
    R -> IcC -> C -> FB -> SB -> Elemental Burst (EB) -> VE -> CM -> CM -> CM -> (if max charge) IC -> R
    Level 57
    Elemental Armor. Damage and Charge gains +15% use instead of Fire Armor. Makes the extra points invested in Elementalist come out better than investing in Improved Flame Bolt in Pyromancer.

    Level 58
    Flicker, takes some getting used to, but a fun situational spell for avoiding boss game mechanics.

    Level 59
    Burning Bonds, never really needed to root much, but its better than the other skill choices at this point.

    Level 60
    Burning Shield and Firestorm. The cool downs on your shields are 30 seconds so by having 2 you can use them every 15 seconds, add in Bloom and you have something to save you every 10 seconds. Note you can't have both Burning Shield and Ice Shield active at the same time. So only activate one once the other wears off. Remember how AoE deficient you are? Firestorm doesn't make you great at it that's still the calling of Warlocks and Stormcallers, but you won't be pathetic anymore.

    Modify your AoE macro and change the name to /3
    Macro Name: AoE/3
    #show Burning Ground
    cast Radiant Spores
    cast @gtae Burning Ground
    cast @gtae Firestorm
    Now cast Withering Vine first and then click on this 3 times.

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    I'm really impressed with the level of helpful detail in your leveling breakdown. It makes me want to redo my Leafblade guide to be like this.

    The name Radiant Fiery Elementalist is a little unwieldy and on the nose. It's a hard spec to come up with alternatives, but how about Naturalist? Or Force of Nature? I'll probably work on others in the back of my mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DegnaRed View Post
    The name Radiant Fiery Elementalist is a little unwieldy
    Thank you for the props, and I agree the name is unwieldy. I just couldn't come up with something that described the combination of souls.

    I really like your suggestions of Naturalist and Force of Nature.

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    Default Guide correction

    I did find a problem with my guide;

    Withering Vine is an AoE heal/agro builder, but only a single target damage over time. So ignore parts where I refer to it as an AoE damage.

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