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Thread: Archonbinger

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    Default Archonbinger

    Preset Name: Archonbinger
    Brief Description: Provide your allies with helpful combat
    buffs while doing competitive damage. Melee spec: good for group activities, dungeons and pvp.
    Tanking pet for solo below level 30.

    Group Role: Support and DPS
    Souls: link to spec
    1. Soul 1: Elementalist
      Soul 2: Harbinger
      Soul 3: Archon
    Key Abilities:
    1. Ability 1: Storm Slash
      Ability 2: Storm's Fury
      Ability 3: Lightning Blade
    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Basics: Don't let the support buffs fool you, you still need equipment to be truly useful to your group:
    Stick to crit power, spell power and intelligence at all times.

    How to Play: Based on Eldritch Armor procs and Harbinger instant abilities this spec will make those who don't like to wait truly happy.
    Main spam the basic harbinger abilities Storm Slash and Storm's fury while keeping your archon auras, charged blade and piercing beam up. Later on you will get Blazing light: use Light Nova to refresh it. Whenever you get an Eldritch Armor proc, use one of your casted archon abilities as it will be instant.
    1. Tip 1: Macro your casted abilities together for the Eldritch proc, don't forget Lightning Strike!
      Tip 2: Use Luminous Weapon to aoe down many adds at the same time, then switch back to Lightning Blade for single target.
      Tip 3: If below level 30 you can use the tanking pet from elementalist to solo, just don't forget to remove it if there is a real tank to not annoy with its taunts.
    Minimum Level: 1

    Hot Bar Layout:
    1. Slot 1: Storm Slash (Harbinger)
      Slot 2: Storm's Fury (Harbinger)
      Slot 3: Eldritch Armor (Harbinger)
      Slot 4: Pillaging Stone (Archon)
      Slot 5: Vorpal Slash (Harbinger)
      Slot 6: Charged Blade (Harbinger)
      Slot 7: Lava Field (Archon)
      Slot 8: Piercing Beam (Harbinger)
      Slot 9: Blazing Light (Harbinger)
      Slot 0: Lucent Slash (Harbinger)
      Slot -: Lightning Blade (Harbinger)
      Slot =: Luminous Weapon (Harbinger)

    Level 1: 1/5 Eldritch Knowledge (Harbinger)
    Level 2: 2/5 Eldritch Knowledge (Harbinger)
    Level 3 (2 points): 4/5 Eldritch Knowledge (Harbinger)
    Level 4: 5/5 Eldritch Knowledge (Harbinger)
    Level 5: 1/5 Nimble Blade (Harbinger)
    Level 6 (2 points): 3/5 Nimble Blade (Harbinger)
    Level 7: 4/5 Nimble Blade (Harbinger)
    Level 8: 5/5 Nimble Blade (Harbinger)
    Level 9 (2 points): 2/5 Soul Fire (Archon)
    Level 10: 3/5 Soul Fire (Archon)

    Level 11: 4/5 Soul Fire (Archon)
    Level 12 (2 points): 5/5 Soul Fire (Archon) - 1/5 Magnetic Blade (Harbinger)
    Level 13: 2/5 Magnetic Blade (Harbinger)
    Level 14: 3/5 Magnetic Blade (Harbinger)
    Level 15 (2 points): 4/5 Magnetic Blade (Harbinger) - 1/1 Piercing Beam (Harbinger)
    Level 16: 1/2 Razor's Edge (Harbinger)
    Level 17: 2/2 Razor's Edge (Harbinger)
    Level 18: 1/3 Strength of Stone (Archon)
    Level 19 (2 points): 3/3 Strength of Stone (Archon)
    Level 20: 1/3 Favored Ally (Archon)

    Level 21: 2/3 Favored Ally (Archon)
    Level 22 (2 points): 3/3 Favored Ally (Archon) - 1/5 Vital Assistance (Archon)
    Level 23: 2/5 Vital Assistance (Archon)
    Level 24: 3/5 Vital Assistance (Archon)
    Level 25 (2 points): 4/5 Vital Assistance (Archon) - 1/1 Lava Field (Archon)
    Level 26: 1/3 Intensity (Harbinger)
    Level 27: 2/3 Intensity (Harbinger)
    Level 28 (2 points): 3/3 Intensity (Harbinger) - 1/2 Living Charge (Harbinger)
    Level 29: 2/2 Living Charge (Harbinger)
    Level 30: 1/2 Improved Blade Rush (Harbinger)

    Level 31 (2 points): 2/2 Eldritch Power (Harbinger)
    Level 32: 1/1 Light Nova (Harbinger)
    Level 33: 1/1 Blazing Light (Harbinger)
    Level 34 (2 points): 2/5 Combat Mastery (Harbinger)
    Level 35: 3/5 Combat Mastery (Harbinger)
    Level 36: 4/5 Combat Mastery (Harbinger)
    Level 37 (2 points): 2/5 Biting Cold (Elementalist)
    Level 38: 1/2 Furious Assault (Harbinger)
    Level 39: 2/2 Furious Assault (Harbinger)
    Level 40 (2 points): 5/5 Combat Mastery (Harbinger) - 1/3 Empowered Aegis (Archon)

    Level 41: 2/3 Empowered Aegis (Archon)
    Level 42: 3/3 Empowered Aegis (Archon)
    Level 43 (2 points): 2/2 Altruist (Archon)
    Level 44: 1/5 Rising Vengeance (Archon)
    Level 45: 2/5 Rising Vengeance (Archon)
    Level 46 (2 points): 4/5 Rising Vengeance (Archon)
    Level 47: 5/5 Rising Vengeance (Archon)
    Level 48: 1/2 Lava Sprout (Archon)
    Level 49 (2 points): 2/2 Lava Sprout (Archon) - 1/2 Speed in Numbers (Archon)
    Level 50: 2/2 Speed in Numbers (Archon)

    Level 51: 1/1 Earthen Barrage (Archon)
    Level 52: 1/2 Power in Numbers (Archon)
    Level 53: 2/2 Power in Numbers (Archon)
    Level 54: 1/1 Waning Power (Archon)
    Level 55: 1/2 Earthen Shards (Archon)
    Level 56: 1/1 Aura Mastery (Archon)
    Level 57: 1/1 Spark Shower (Archon)
    Level 58: 2/2 Earthen Shards (Archon)
    Level 59: 5/5 Vital Assistance (Archon)
    Level 60: 1/3 Spell Bore (Archon)

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    Oops just noticed that I forgot Inspiration :x Minor change!
    Link to spec


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    Sorry, had to move spell bore up to get access to Inspiration now, complicated stuff
    (Same spec nothing changed otherwise)
    Last edited by Dunced; 11-24-2013 at 02:29 AM.

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    Aura Mastery is a waste because you can refresh archon auras in .5s each during an EA proc. (which is even faster than the 1s you get from this talent)

    Spell Bore seems to be a fairly weak talent from my testing, but I could be wrong there.

    However, waning power is almost certainly a waste, at least for your personal dps. Consider the following: casting waning power takes 1.5 seconds, which is 10% of the spells duration. So instead of 15 seconds of X dps, you do 13.5 seconds of 1.1*X dps (at most), which is actually slightly less damage (1% less). This is different from the situation for pyrochon, which has very bursty damage. In pyrochon, you hit waning power when things are on cooldown, so it ends up being a nice dps boost. But in harbchon/archonbinger you do very steady dps, so it's not worth it. Give it a few parses.

    You should at least take the points from Aura Mastery and Waning Power and put them in Earthen Shards, which is a raid dps buff, and I would take the point from Spell Bore and put it in Vital Assistance. (although I'd love to see some testing on spell bore)

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    Good point spread.
    But considering Harbchons poor disconnect ability, you probably want to move 2p from Magnetic Blade into Natural Swiftness, and 1p over to Archon for Patron's Rage. It's the ideal filler if you are stuck at range for a few seconds due mechanics... The aura refresh and actually good damage is sweet bonus.

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    Fixed the spec, was really tired when I made it so just removed some obvious mistakes that was really bothering me in the last 10 points:

    Link to spec

    Last 10 points:

    Also if you voted for me tons of thanks !

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    Honestly, if this is gonna be a preset, I'd personally take 2 points out of vital assistance and put them into wellspring, as a dead archon is no good.
    People can swap these points around as they get better at it.

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