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    Nov 2011

    Default I come from WoW

    Ive been playing world of warcraft for a good three years now, as a retribution paladin.

    Except ive always played alone never got to do much in ways of raid content.

    Rift so far has been a refreshing change from this, i have a guild, and i have people to talk to.

    Im really looking forward to seeing the raids and expert level dungeons.

    Hopefully the guild im in will help me achieve these things. ^_^

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    Nov 2011

    Default since 2008

    started on eve online in 2008 and still playing

    then wow in 2011 after that i found rift

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    Oct 2011


    Played EQ since live then RIFT havent got into raiding on RIFT didnt want to jump back in that pool yet.

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    Jul 2011


    I was never into gaming until in 1999 I started playing FFVIII on the PS2. In 2005 I was introduced to FFXI on the pc and it all started there.

    FFXI - played for a while, loved my dragoon
    WoW - (since 2006) still play and still enjoy especially the hunter and warlock, now liking my dk worgen
    EQ - only played for a couple of weeks
    Vanguard - as for EQ
    Eve - couldn't get past the tutorial
    Guildwars - have the game but only played trial
    LoTR - played for a short time - game too spread out
    EQ2 - (since 2006) apart from Rift my current favourite, love my sk and necro and love house decorating
    FFXIV - looked promising but disappointingly unfinished
    Rift - of course but would like more with player housing

    So the current games I play are Rift, EQ2 and WoW

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    Dec 2011


    I played WoW since the start of TBC, back in 2007 lol. Stayed there til the start of this year after seeing the community go to hell lol. In between all that I played Age Of Conan, City Of Heroes, Aion and Guild Wars. Rift is the only game other than WoW that I've stuck at. I think that's saying something
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    Default old...

    I started playing muds in the early 1990's and went to mmos starting with mostly f2p mmo's and then went to WoW. I have tested a lot of f2p games but i prefer the subscription games i spent way too much money on f2p(kind of ironic).

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    Feb 2011


    6 years!

    Guild Wars,WoW and now Rift

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    Feb 2011


    Well i did the Duke Nukems and stuff along that lines in back in the day in college sometimes (across the schools network)

    Then the original Diablo

    Then Came Ultima Online so yes I played that, DAOC, Horizons, City of heroes, Diablo II, War Hammer online and some other stuff I beta tested including some giant failures crazy stuff.

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    Started with Ultima Online. Since then I have played the following mmo's up to level cap and beyond (

    Ultima Online
    Final Fantasy 11
    Age of Conan
    City of Heroes
    Guild Wars
    Final Fantasy 14
    Star Trek
    Lord of the Rings online
    World of Crapcraft

    What is quite amazing is that I still have every account for each game and can go play whenever I want with a quick subscription renewal. You'd be surprised at how nice it is to visit older mmo's and see old friends.
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    Default My Gaming Addiction

    I don't have a long history of online gaming, which is probably a good thing because as a kid I played outside with friends. Anyway...

    My Online PC Gaming Addictions (in order):
    Sims Online
    World of Warcraft
    Second Life

    I tried a few other games but they were so boring they aren't worth mentioning.
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    the first mmo i pleayed was the final fantasy. enjoyed the hell out of it.. i dont remember the year that launched tho.. lol
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    Ummm.... not as old as some of you but...

    SWG (1 year)
    FF11 (6 months)
    WOW (toooo long)
    FF13 (beta)
    Rift (is awesomesauce)

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    Jan 2012


    The first MMO I actually played would be Diablo and Diablo II, I started with Diablo when I was about 5 and then just moved up. The games I can remember right now are:

    -Diablo II.
    -Warcraft 1/2/3.
    -Starcraft 2.
    -Perfect World.
    -Forsaken World.
    -World of Warcraft.
    -Guild Wars.

    And more.

    I've played MMO's from 5 to now 17, and this is where I've learned basically all my English and so forth. So I guess that is the best thing about playing MMO's from a young age. ;)
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    May 2011


    Started on Gemstone waaaaay back in the day.

    Yeah, we're talking early 90s, and yes, that probably dates me. Oh well.

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    Nov 2011


    Threw myself in at the "scary" end of the MMO market back in 2006 at the age of 13. Play that to this day albeit with some significant gaps here and there.

    About two years later I started playing WoW with the release of WotLK. Currently taking a break and have been for a few weeks. Will most likely remain inactive until MoP when I shall return to experience new content with some great friends.

    Rift was my 3rd MMO which I only started relatively recently in October of 2011. Was the place that I first experimented with RP in any form and I joined an amazing community.

    SW:TOR took my interest as a lot of my friends and Guild mates were moving there. I invested the money in buying the game and spent a good amount of time exploring the universe but ultimately the game was not for me and I left after only a month.

    In the 6 years I have been playing MMOs I haven't jumped around a whole lot, tending to dedicate myself to games for a significant period of time with SW:TOR being the only game that breaks this trend.

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