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  1. Wonk
    Wonk liked post by Salvatrix On thread : What was the point of the bonus's?
    The point is that such a celebration bonus is a long time functionality that can be turned on at a moment's notice without having to be scheduled in advance unlike most things in-game. Archonix,...
    Liked On: 11-27-2016, 07:06 PM
  2. Wonk
    Wonk liked post by Archonix On thread : A Quick Word on Compensation
    Just wanted to drop a quick line about what all we're working on to compensate for the current issues folks are experiencing on live. Rest assured we're working throughout the weekend to clear...
    Liked On: 11-19-2016, 03:03 PM
  3. Wonk
    Wonk liked post by Salvatrix On thread : Where are all the new dimension cash shop items?
    Well, considering we just had a major release of dimension stuff about 8 weeks ago, I had originally planned on the launch of SFP being a bit light on dimension stuff. But I was wrong! :) With...
    Liked On: 11-18-2016, 06:25 PM
  4. Wonk
    Wonk liked post by DimensionDiva On thread : Be Proud of Whatever You Build!
    Build whatever you dream! Love whatever you create! Show off everything you build, no matter what! But please, don't take credit for it being the first of its kind. Few of us have toured enough...
    Liked On: 11-03-2016, 02:55 AM
  5. Wonk
    Wonk liked post by MissGreen On thread : Post your Halloween Dimensions !
    Hope everyone had a great and fun halloweeners! haha, anywhos I made some alts this morning on different shards,( finally) so I'm excited to go see the dims posted here! woohooo, I just love quiet...
    Liked On: 11-01-2016, 03:10 PM
  6. Wonk
    Wonk liked post by DimensionDiva On thread : Post your Halloween Dimensions !
    What a bunch of fun Halloween dimensions! I love getting to see the new ones and some old favorites. Kudos to all the builders! Keep posting more!!! Happy Halloween!
    Liked On: 11-01-2016, 03:05 PM
  7. Wonk
    Wonk liked post by Blythe On thread : from Dimension to pumpkin!
    Couldn't decide what to carve on pumpkins this year ... so, I borrowed my own Dimension design! hahaha :hitting-self: Here's the door deco I made ...and then the pumpkin I just did. lol. (Not a...
    Liked On: 11-01-2016, 04:16 AM
  8. Wonk
    Wonk liked post by swordkata On thread : Adjusted several older dimension items
    Tac, any chance of finally getting the Nightmare hand to display the eyeball once again?
    Liked On: 10-07-2016, 08:34 AM
  9. Wonk
    Wonk liked post by McChaffe On thread : An Omen of things to come?
    Point of the post is less that it's directly related, but more of the fact that people and legislation are starting to look more seriously at gambling and video games in general.
    Liked On: 09-17-2016, 08:28 PM
  10. Wonk
    Wonk liked post by Laeti On thread : Crafted Planar fishing poles & lures - huh?
    Unless you like collecting for the sake of collecting, the poles and lures are a waste of both time and resources in their current state. The whole planar crafting system is quite a disappointment,...
    Liked On: 09-11-2016, 02:16 PM
  11. Wonk
    Wonk liked post by Arwhen On thread : Show your dimensions
    I recommend visiting the dimension of Axumi (and others he created in) Agrift Simulator. I had not yet seen dimension on this theme as well done. I added some pictures since he did not....
    Liked On: 09-08-2016, 08:16 PM
  12. Wonk
    Wonk liked post by Dead Simon On thread : Pinatas not giving loot
    If you do not accept the loot or win the roll before the Artifacts disappear then you will not get it. The same thing happens if you are solo and just leave the loot window open and all the arties...
    Liked On: 07-14-2016, 05:43 PM
  13. Wonk
    Wonk liked post by Nouvae On thread : Dimension Challenge: Garden Gazebo - Win Prizes!! It's time to kick-start the summer with the first Creative Challenge hosted by the Dimension Gallery ( The purpose of the challenge is...
    Liked On: 07-02-2016, 02:26 PM
  14. Wonk
    Wonk liked post by Nihilya On thread : Faeblight- Dimension Critique!
    Hey all! I just came back to Rift after a couple years and am excited to see all the new dimension things. I want to use them to build up my dimension and was looking for some outside ideas. Let me...
    Liked On: 07-02-2016, 02:25 PM
  15. Wonk
    Wonk liked post by Laeti On thread : Uncle Stan's Super Secret Loot
    Uncle Stan's lure loot and similar lures loot - still horribly, extremely disappointing! Same Manugo decrees, 1p worth minions, common artifacts and common store dimension items. Haven't heard any...
    Liked On: 06-26-2016, 01:01 PM
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