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  1. Snyrf
    Snyrf liked post by Quay On thread : why do people enjoy Sandbox mmorpg?
    While many posts have mentioned an obvious attraction of sandbox style MMORPGs (that we can make our own content), I'm surprised no one has mentioned the other side of this: I hate games telling me...
    Liked On: 10-03-2011, 12:28 PM
  2. Snyrf
    Snyrf liked post by Quay On thread : The Death of a Genre
    Yeah, true enough. I wish I wasn't such a graphics *****. I've tried to go back to some of the classics, but the graphics updates just don't quite do it. I just wish I could use one of these...
    Liked On: 09-23-2011, 01:49 PM
  3. Snyrf
    Snyrf liked post by Trisian On thread : dumb question but where are people chatting in the game?
    The steady decline of social interaction in mmorpgs is largely due to instancing. If Rift caused you to have to think, plan, gather, or explore for anything more than the highest of content then...
    Liked On: 09-23-2011, 01:21 PM
  4. Snyrf
    Snyrf liked post by Quay On thread : The Death of a Genre
    In my opinion, the worst thing that can happen in a MMORPG is to have no way to distinguish or differentiate you character and experience from others. When the journey from beginning to end is the...
    Liked On: 09-23-2011, 09:22 AM
  5. Snyrf
    Snyrf liked post by Andervin On thread : Why MMOs today pale in comparison to what they once were....
    ...and never will be again. As an old head that started playing Everquest in 1999 and one that has played virtually every decent MMO since... I have this to say... I wish you losers that came from...
    Liked On: 09-22-2011, 01:37 PM
  6. Snyrf
    Snyrf liked post by Swordfishy On thread : Trion You Have Been Warned
    No, Ridicules is the Greek god of ridiculousness. Everyone knows that
    Liked On: 09-19-2011, 12:43 PM
  7. Snyrf
    Snyrf liked post by Sarathor On thread : Trion You Have Been Warned
    This is helpful and insightful. With all this information you've giving Trion, they'll surely go and fix everything! Sarcasm aside, this thread is pointless. You expect change yet you don't give...
    Liked On: 09-19-2011, 11:52 AM
  8. Snyrf
    Snyrf liked post by Kyridus On thread : 2 Seperate Games?
    (Re-post, posted in PTS forum accidentally) It's quite clear Trion is attempting to do all it can to keep PvP & PvE seperate games within a game. Many steps have been taken to ensure this is...
    Liked On: 09-19-2011, 06:22 AM
  9. Snyrf
    Snyrf liked post by INCdex On thread : Hit rating in PVP
    I use 80+ hit in pvp and I can't remember the last time I missed an attack. It is complete poo that best in slot weapons are pve +hit weapons for pvp. With the recent pvp gear/trinket nerf that...
    Liked On: 09-13-2011, 12:24 PM
  10. Snyrf
    Snyrf liked post by AsphyxZero On thread : So, what's keeping you from playing Rift... now that everyone can for 6 days?
    I apologize, I didn't read the thread because I was too busy looking at your amazing signature.
    Liked On: 08-25-2011, 01:34 PM
  11. Snyrf
    Snyrf liked post by tommyguns On thread : Diminishing Returns sucks
    DR stinks, as is, and needs to be reworked. I love to play ***-Stalker rogue and boy do I hate when my sap doesn't work, my stun opener does nothing, my slow does nothing, my other stun is useless,...
    Liked On: 08-19-2011, 11:35 AM
  12. Snyrf
    Snyrf liked post by Hammerlock On thread : PvP Rifts being abused?
    Thank you for playing MONOPOLY. We have noted that you chose to steal hundreds of dollars out of the in-game bank by using an unintended exploit of game mechanics. This has allowed you an unfair...
    Liked On: 08-19-2011, 08:46 AM
  13. Snyrf
    Snyrf liked post by Verja On thread : Cant keep our guild alive.
    The only thing I can think of as I read this thread is this. Raiding in an instance is so hurtful to the community that it should be done away with.
    Liked On: 08-18-2011, 09:47 AM
  14. Snyrf
    Snyrf liked post by Villaintine On thread : Nearing the end of the 6 mo. subscription ...
    To the OP: I would not recommend going to any themepark style MMOs at this point unless you look at them for the leveling experience only. You'll surely be disappointed in PvE endgame.
    Liked On: 08-17-2011, 09:28 AM
  15. Snyrf
    Snyrf liked post by Phelissa On thread : Skill/Strategy Vs. Gear
    This game requires no skill.
    Liked On: 08-16-2011, 07:59 AM
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