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Remove all PVP from PVE servers . they're not PVP'rs , they are the bane of PVP'rs and PVP servers .

Remove WF's from PVE servers, because they suck at pvp and as a result cause unjust nerfs to classes .

No new instanced PVP , give us world PVP objectives. do not add arena's or more WF's please . Except ADD THIS ONE WF

Make all PVP gear craftable and get rid of the WF faction vendors .

pvp isnt suppose to be about gear . pve is suppose to be about gear ...and grinding that same ****ty instance over and over again for that gear .
pvp is suppose to be about the other part of the game ...war and hatred for the opposite faction .
and pve servers are for the players who don't want to be a part of the war


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