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People use the words "casual" and "bad" interchangeably, when in reality we should not. A casual player in an mmo is someone who plays the game but due to outside events cannot play it for long periods of time. A bad is a player who stands in the fire, ignores boss mechanics, complains about the former, makes nonsensical statements, wants to be pandered to, and all around tanks most mmos.

Its like if I pay to take a college course that I know is supposed to be hard and instead of taking it, I complain and bother the professors that it is to hard. I dont study, I dont practice, I just complain. After all I am paying for the course so I should get an A+.

I have not see mmos go harder only easier. I dont think for a second that trion is "pandering to the casuals that ruin our games", no I think it is that trion is making mistakes and feels that the bads who play their game for 3 months and leave are worth more than those who play for the entirety of its life.



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