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  1. Halman
    Halman liked post by Shhhh On thread : Kervik - Immediate Bug Fix Needed
    Apparently theres a unique bug in this game.. it revolves around developers that have the ability to separate pvP dmg from pvE dmg, but fail to do so. When people in PVP that havent played long and...
    Liked On: 10-08-2011, 04:19 PM
  2. Halman
    Halman liked post by Shhhh On thread : Mages 1.6 Wishlist
    For 1.6 i want a high end competitive mage dev to work for trion.
    Liked On: 10-07-2011, 01:23 PM
  3. Halman
    Halman liked post by Eldiora On thread : Super Cleric Planar Attunement Oversight
    also why no Shield spec with the totem spec???? You know there are Cleric tanks out there. Why do you give 1h/2h mace spec. But for the offhand we tank clerics dont get anything since its only...
    Liked On: 10-04-2011, 04:45 AM
  4. Halman
    Halman liked post by Demonne On thread : Why PvP 10-49 was so much fun!
    Bah! Why petition Trion when GW2 will do exactly that for you.
    Liked On: 09-27-2011, 07:36 AM
  5. Halman
    Halman liked post by Vilis On thread : Stop listening to warriors when balancing rogues.
    There is no nice way to say this. Warriors cry over every bloody thing - their unity comes from a common cause - wanting everything handed to them and not wanting anyone to be able to compete with...
    Liked On: 09-26-2011, 04:42 AM
  6. Halman
    Halman liked post by Movcog On thread : what happened to 1.4: CLERIC Addressing issues with Cleric damage
    Sorry but that's a poor mentality, with equal points spent toward a goal, equal capability should be obtained, if you think otherwise then go play everquest, your poor oldschool mentality is ruining...
    Liked On: 09-23-2011, 02:13 AM
  7. Halman
    Halman liked post by Adetia On thread : End-game mage DPS
    Please, don't assume anything about me if you don't know anything about me. I'm more than willing to help people when asked, but i'm not gonna run around and hold your hand. I help people that ask...
    Liked On: 09-22-2011, 05:25 PM
  8. Halman
    Halman liked post by Ikagawa On thread : Having To Bid on DRR loot.
    So run your own DRR. Crazy, I know.
    Liked On: 09-19-2011, 04:03 PM
  9. Halman
    Halman liked post by Ponder On thread : Rogue = OP now (unbalanced) on PTR -- Dev's please address
    Prior to 1.5, Rogue's needed a slight (5-10%ish) buff in PVP (only) DPS -- assuming survivability remained the same (i.e. no nerfing of Slip Away/etc). The changes that have been made are way out...
    Liked On: 09-14-2011, 03:29 PM
  10. Halman
    Halman liked post by Reiz On thread : Warrior:Let us trade our r8 gear for its counterpart
    You know what happens when people get told to "deal with it" a few times to many? They do. By leaving the game and going elsewhere. I think we can all agree that no one wants that, not if you care...
    Liked On: 09-13-2011, 12:12 AM
  11. Halman
    Halman liked post by lgw On thread : [Mage] Adjustments for 1.5
    In the following I'll go through all souls and a little general stuff about the Mage and his souls. While it may seem to be more about PVP, it's largely because our problems in PVE are less severe...
    Liked On: 09-10-2011, 11:02 PM
  12. Halman
    Halman liked post by Valanceer On thread : [Feedback] Eradicate (marksman)
    Eradicate still not having a cooldown is overpowered, and now would be a good time to add a 12 or 10 second cooldown. It's completely negating important core abilities of numerous souls. ...
    Liked On: 09-09-2011, 05:06 PM
  13. Halman
    Halman liked post by Ruizo On thread : [Mage] Big PVP Mess about to Hit
    you meant, a ranged, cloth wearing class which dont stand in melee range to fight like any true man would do but try to kite and reopen the gap to blast with their ranged skills? ah, those puxxies...
    Liked On: 09-09-2011, 04:59 PM
  14. Halman
    Halman liked post by Shhhh On thread : Devouring Shadows is too strong in PVP
    shut up /10char
    Liked On: 09-08-2011, 05:02 AM
  15. Halman
    Halman liked post by velias On thread : Trion, castrandom macros are RUINING pvp
    I'm sure as you're all aware just about every warrior/rogue in the game has basically a castrandom macro for combo point builders and finishers, they just run around spamming 1 button in warfronts...
    Liked On: 08-14-2011, 08:50 AM
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