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  1. eniac
    eniac liked post by Mire On thread : It had to be done
    so might as well be me Naughty language, still it's not hard to find Mired's youtube channel and look up the video. Also lol at "I like bondage shark". -Ocho enjoy
    Liked On: 09-30-2014, 08:17 AM
  2. eniac
    eniac liked post by micshaz On thread : @PvP Community
    there is like the distance from the moon to the earth, when it comes to Saia's skill, and your non skill.
    Liked On: 08-05-2014, 10:52 AM
  3. eniac
    eniac liked post by Mire On thread : please merge stun and interrupt into one ability
    since we're all trying to streamline things, can we also have pizza delivery added to the rift store, i'm too lazy to pick my phone
    Liked On: 07-29-2014, 04:09 AM
  4. eniac
    eniac liked post by Tookmyjob On thread : Positioning
    What position do you and Meduza use to get these results?
    Liked On: 07-24-2014, 06:27 AM
  5. eniac
    eniac liked post by jebeninick On thread : Another Clone mount
    What did you expect after glued horn mount? trion plssss....
    Liked On: 07-15-2014, 06:45 PM
  6. eniac
    eniac liked post by Kervik On thread : Stormcaller Update
    Have some more updates on the way for Stormcaller: Reduced the Charge cost of Icicle to 15. Reduced the Charge cost of Hailstorm to 25. Restored Wind Chill as a 16 point root ability. It is...
    Liked On: 06-04-2014, 09:38 PM
  7. eniac
    eniac liked post by Seshatar On thread : 3.0 Teaser: Return to Golem Foundry
    This is a new dungeon coming with 3.0. It’s the Golem Foundry dungeon from SL but with new bosses: M4LFUNC710N This boss is based on player feedback (secret source). It has no abilities, you can...
    Liked On: 06-02-2014, 06:08 AM
  8. eniac
    eniac liked post by Rgizil On thread : [video] - Meduza ft. Techfall
    Call someone bad for ganking players with no gear Then say the video of a player ganking people with no gear is pro ...
    Liked On: 05-29-2014, 12:03 PM
  9. eniac
    eniac liked post by Ahov On thread : T3 in Sparkle Trove?
    Your mentality is what's wrong with F2P. Companies start buying into it.
    Liked On: 05-23-2014, 03:32 PM
  10. eniac
    eniac liked post by FlyingDeathWeasel On thread : Yay! Unicorns!
    My face is yellow, my lips are green, I see emotes and chat from 2 other shards. The floor in GA is a mirror, but at least I can get a pony with a stick glued to it's head. Oh wait, I can't, the...
    Liked On: 05-23-2014, 08:20 AM
  11. eniac
    eniac liked post by Polyester On thread : Gorgeous new Unicron Mount!
    or some would like effort.
    Liked On: 05-23-2014, 03:52 AM
  12. eniac
    eniac liked post by Moirg On thread : Physician
    I don't know why you feel the need to repeat the same BS on multiple threads, so I'll just link the quote from earlier responding to your repeated information. -- Maybe you just need some...
    Liked On: 05-17-2014, 10:39 AM
  13. eniac
    eniac liked post by Seatin On thread : Bit annoyed to see the “Exclusive” Landslide Mount as a new AAF reward.
    I thought I'd make a quick post about something that has kind of annoyed me. So just under 2 years ago a lot of us RIFT veterans invested into this lovely “Storm Chaser” bundle, which was...
    Liked On: 05-16-2014, 03:07 AM
  14. eniac
    eniac liked post by Slowburn On thread : Physician
    28rs isn't for HP, it's for 15% crit/ 20% healing from stalker phase, rift prison, and 4 blinks. One of the blinks is also a cc break with only a 25 second cd. If you play 61 physician vs any good...
    Liked On: 05-16-2014, 02:59 AM
  15. eniac
    eniac liked post by Shhefu On thread : Physician
    Except that both of you ignore the fact that with proper usage of planar shifting you can not only have a sustained 30%+ crit chance (most rogues who were geared for dps have high cp!) but also have...
    Liked On: 05-15-2014, 07:36 AM
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