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    Default ONLINE - RIFT Patch - 7:30 AM PST (3:30 PM UTC) - February 6, 2019

    Update 5 - All regions are back online! Thanks very much for your incredible patience.

    Update 4 - 11AM PST (7PM UTC) - RIFT NA servers are back online. If you have issues playing in NA, be sure to let us know if the forums. EU servers are still locked, but we're continuing to work on thos. Thanks very much.

    Update 3 - 10:45AM PST (6:45 PM UTC) - Hey, all. We're very sorry for the extended downtime today. Unfortunately, we're not able to bring the game back online yet. Keep an eye here for additional updates on our progress. Thanks.

    Update 2 - 9:45AM PST (5:45PM UTC) - The team continues their work to get things back up and running. Thanks very much for your patience and we'll update again in an hour, if we're not back online already.

    Update 1 - 8:45AM PST (4:45 PM UTC)- Hey everyone, we're going to need additional time to do some work before bringing servers back online. Please bear with us as we work to get this resolved. No ETA at the moment, but we'll post an update on our status in 1 hour, if we're not already back online. - Fasti

    Greetings Ascended,

    RIFT Live in NA and EU (and Prime servers) are coming offline for a patch on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 7:30 AM PST (3:30 PM UTC). Get the patch note here.

    Expected downtime: 90 minutes

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