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    Default Vigil Downtime: 3/7/18 @ 1:40 PM PST / 9:40 PM UTC

    The RIFT Prime server, Vigil, has come offline at 1:40 PM PST / 9:40 PM UTC.

    Vigil is still new at this and needs to learn a few things, so we've taken it offline for some unexpected maintenance needs.

    At this time, we do not have an ETA, but will update you all as soon as we know more!
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    Characters who hit level ten triggered an entitlement and their mail filled up with live stuff. As you know, for an established character that includes boosts, mounts, wardrobe items, expansion goodies... es no bueno for the Prime server.

    We have had to delete all characters that received items not appropriate for Prime. They will all be granted 15 days of Patron as compensation, and our apology; we are sorry that we could not have planned for this bug.

    We had to shut the server off without the usual advance notice because we did not want this to affect any more people than it already had. We hope you can understand our desire to keep the number of forced deletes to a minimum.

    We are going to continue investigating what to do about the various server firsts and achievements, and credit item purchases remain off. Will definitely let you know when any additional steps are taken

    Thank you for your patience on this first day.
    Now, let's head back in and play!

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