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    Default ** Daily NA Region Restarts - 7:30 AM PDT ** - Concluded

    Hi all,

    The North America region shards will be coming down every day at 7:30 AM PDT until further notice for brief server restarts.

    The estimated downtime duration is ** 1 hour ** -- but we do hope to come in under that.

    No further notice will be posted for these restarts, as long as everything goes according to schedule.

    Thanks for your understanding!
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    Hey folks,

    I was with you this weekend, logging in bright and early just to see the dreaded, "Rift is coming down in an hour for a server restart and to mess with your weekend fun. Maybe you should do your laundry or clean the kitchen now."
    Ok, I may be paraphrasing a bit, hehe... but that's what it feels like, for sure.

    I wanted to share the reason for the daily restarts. Check out this thread:

    Restarting daily prevents the cumulative issues that are triggering crashes. This will continue until our tech gurus are able to resolve the underlying mysteries of the crash bug.

    Meanwhile, my house got cleaned up during the two downtimes this weekend. Your mileage may vary.
    Hang in there!

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