Supply crates have a great bounty of items!
No matter what you get out of them, you're sure to have a need for it!
Grab some today and get what you need with a chance at an awesome mount!
The following supply crates are 30% for a limited time, so don't wait too long!
  • Runic Carousel Ram Supply Crate
  • Gilded-Winged Courser Supply Crate
  • Spectral Carriage Supply Crate
  • Faelight Levitation Supply Crate
  • Planar Pounder Supply Crate
  • Nightmare Apocalyse Snail Supply Crate
  • Regulos Broodling Supply Crate
That's not all either! We are running the following events as well at +30%
  • Player XP
  • Dungeon Currency

Start: August 26, 2021 at 17h00 CEST/15:00 UTC/10:00am CDT /8:00am PDT
End: August 30, 2021 at 17h00 CEST/15:00 UTC/10:00am CDT/8:00am PDT

Don't see your time listed? Please visit: [Time Zone Map] or [WorldClock] to adjust sales time to your time. We will not compensate for being too early or too late with your purchases.