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    Default Sales from May 20 until May 28!

    You are looking for ways to spice up your character's outfit and appereance? To make it even more unique? This week's sale will offer you the opportunity to change your appereance in different ways! In addition to that, there will be awesome mounts and dimension-items available in store!

    Fabulous Bundle of Dye Buckets - 9000 Credits
    Celestial Bundle of Dye Buckets - 3500 Credits
    Extended Hair Style Set - 640 Credits
    Hair Color Set Bundle - 2112 Credits
    Skin Color Set Bundle - 1600 Credits
    Widow Makers Egg Sac - 2400 Credits
    Dark Levitation Supply Crate - 450 Credits
    Mystery Box: Wonders of Alittu - 420 Credits
    Dimension Kit: Sunken City Wonders - 300 Credits

    Roam the lands of Telara on a mount that will surely strike fear into your enemies! Find the Nightmare Razorback within the Nightmare Razorback Power Pack, which is available for 19.99€!

    What are you waiting for? These deals will only be available until the 28th of May, 2020 at 9:59am CEST!
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