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Thread: Khalimn'a - Comet of Ahnket

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    Default Khalimn'a - Comet of Ahnket

    Duc Eblius HM // 1 Tank 1 Chloro 1 Purifier 1 Defiler setup

    - Infernal Sunder: Nothing annoucing it, absolutly no way to know when the boss is doing it so you can use something. Dealing around 250 000 damages. We tried with two tanks face tanking but it was the same for both of them.
    We did not see any debuff or switch mechanic to deal with.

    - Chains of Woe: The chain is targetable but it has 8 million HP and you have 10 second to kill it before it kills the player stuck in. With the current setup we must use, this is impossible to do especially when a DD is chained. (you can't do anything while in chain) Even with all your DD available, you must pull around 135k dps per damage dealers (160k if -1 DD in chain) which is impossible to do at this stage of the fight.

    - Switching from HM to Easy: Boss gets the debuff but adds were still in HM.

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    *** AZAPHRENTUS Hard Mode - Raid comp : 1 Tank / 1 Puri / 1 Phystact / 1 Bard / 1 Chon / 5 DPS

    - Waves are ok (deal max 5M when boss is stunned) now fight is pretty good and fun. 4min10 ~ dunno when he should enrage but it seems we got a good margin.

    *** FYRAGNOS Hard Mode - Raid comp : 1 Tank / 1 Puri / 1 Chloro or Phystact / 1 Bard / 1 Chon / 5 DPS

    - Searing Breath: Dmg is low now maybe not enough to care.

    - Magma Burst: Strange behaviour with those magma "pylons". Sometimes they tick instantly with very high damages and sometimes they don't tick before 2/3 seconds but I think we can deal with it.

    - Lava Drake: Strange hitbox to be honest. They are doing very dangerous movements while the tank is face tanking them sometimes going in it's back for no reason.

    - Enrage timer seems a bit hard to beat especially if you got 3 phases of Lava Drakes maybe with our best try we can put it near 25%.


    - Not working

    *** HERICIUS Hard Mode

    - Not Working ? Adds didnt move if you dont pull them.

    *** DUKE EBLIUS Hard Mode - Raid comp : 2 Tank / 1 Puri / 1 Phystact / 1 Bard / 1 Chon / 4 DPS

    - Chains are ok 1m2 instead of 8m mb this can be increase a little bit to force ppl to switch on it.

    - Frenzied Skirmisher : Deal no dmg to the boss or Thralls while exploding near.

    - Sacrificial Thrall : Deal no dmg to the boss when they die.

    We reached enrage at 53% with some ppl dead.

    *** DUKE EBLIUS Normal Mode

    - After switching to normal mode one of our tank couldn't keep aggro on the boss and we stayed out of combat sometimes right after pulling the boss, seems like an auto reset bug.

    VOD : https://www.twitch.tv/m_yagi/v/59974531

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