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Thread: Khalim'na Feedback

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    Default Khalim'na Feedback



    - Demonic tar + Ferocious pound can one shot you if the two came in the same time at melee range, maybe lowering first tick of Demonic tar should be a solution.
    - New Green Link (Demonic Leach ?) can pop on the tank currently tanking and does not disappear for some reason the second tank need to taunt because if tank keeping aggro with the link he will be one shot, not sure if this is intended.


    P1 is a bit long, there are no hard mechanics so if this one could be shortened.

    - Blue circles are too much forgiving and errors are not really punished, it does a ridiculous amount of damage and sometimes don't bump really far away.
    - Scuttle Claw Wranglers adds does not do that much damage on tanks.
    - Tide Warden's Dead Waterthat damage seems too small too.
    - Not kicking the Warden's Gaze is not a big deal ..
    - Flash Freeze dmg seems a bit low.
    - Rot Jaw AoE Bilge Slime is still here?

    - Pets should not get the red circles.
    - Red Circles (new lightning rod?) should not appear with the melee mechanism. (or you loose 3 ppl)
    - Red Circles works as intended now, being near the tank for the guard buff save you correctly.
    - Mana Ravager adds popping too much (should be at 40% right?).


    - Swap tank mechanism is ok now.
    - If you don't purge you are now correctly killed.
    - I remember that the purge debuff disappear w/o purging sometimes.

    Estrode :

    - Mb over-tuned boss atm, but can't say much as we were trying to spot raid killers skills in our first trys and there are so much ability to test.
    - We noticed that Natural splendor (and some other spells) was hitting like a truck. (40k+)
    - Red zone must be periodic dmg as the debuff saying that's a slow + periodic dmg, if you are out you can actually get killed by it (96k)

    Zamira :

    For what we have tested on it, the fight looks pretty right tuned atm, the only thing that should not happen/be corrected is when the guy at the top jump out with adds on aggro, adds should disengage if not they went on the low part and can be tanked with Zamira making the fight easier than it should be.

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    Grugonim :

    - There is an annoying kill zone on the fight (not sure if this should kill you when crossed) :

    - The fight seems pretty right tuned on the other hand, nothing too buggy or over-tuned.

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