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Thread: Stack on Eight 2nd of April

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    Default Stack on Eight 2nd of April

    The cast from the imps that heals Zilas shows up as non-interruptable (orange cast) while they can be interrupted
    Beam speed could still be slightly increased consider you have forever before it becomes active
    Volley cast from ghosts shouldn't occur more than every 10s because that's the cooldown of some interrupts
    Crystals getting activated because of tab targeting and because of passive cleaving is quite annoying. I would disable this, only allow them to be hit by single target skills and make them neutral
    Adds spawn a little bit too fast (I think once we had another magus spawn right as the other one died twice in a row). Epsiry said he would alter the spawn rate of adds but couldn't do this during the session.

    All the other stuff we found was already changed during the testing session.

    Aqualix & Denizar
    The stacking dot on the tanks would sometimes drop. We think this happened when the damage was completely absorbed by shields, but couldn't confirm this. If it did drop off the tank damage was a joke.
    Very very boring tank and spank, the only thing to do is tank healing. If there aren't more mechanics added, please shorten P1 to make it more bearable since you have to do it every single pull. If it is shortened the dot would also have to stack faster of course.
    Scuttle Claw Wranglers & Scuttle Claws
    You can break free from the stun that the smaller adds do. Not sure if this is intended.
    Again very boring, You just stack somewhere where a blue bubble will never spawn and that's it, just tank and spank. Consider P1 is also tank and spank this becomes very boring
    Tide Warden
    The cast you have to interrupt is quite short. It is most certainly do-able but I am afraid of lag being an issue again.
    AGAIN very boring, Stack up, interrupt and cleanse a lot. I really wish there were more things to do.
    Rot Jaw
    the constant aoe dmg could be increased considering it is the 2nd last boss.
    In test gear the HP on the little Mana adds seemed a bit high but I expect it would be fine with the gear you should have by then on the live server. It was mostly the fact that they began their cast very quick.
    Inwar Darktide
    In regards to the red aoe 3 players would get: The tanks would get 1-shot but the players near the tanks not. It seems the guard stat on the tanks wouldn't get boosted while the guard stat given to other players would. I am not sure if this is intended or not. I myself hope this is working as intended as it is still doable this way, but just a bit trickier.

    I can't comment on the right side of the fight as I only ever did the left side.
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