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Thread: Rekt 3/12

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    Default Rekt Feedback


    As Deew mentioned in Trinity's feedback, the aggro ranges on bosses (we experienced it with Garau/Vladmal) needs to probably be reduced. Pulling a boss from a mile away when you aren't ready is never a fun endeavor.

    Since raids can skip a lot of the trash, if you'd like the trash to actually be cleared you can link specific packs to the next boss in their wings. For example, when we went to Aky to have a look around we skipped all of the trash. However, when we pulled Jornaru all the trash packs in the room pulled as well and swarmed us.

    Inquisitor Garau:

    The rate at which and the amount of packs of seacaps that spawn initially seems too high. Instead of it randomly generating either an aoe or ST pack, have either 2 aoe packs and 1 ST spawn on the timer, or 2 ST and 1 aoe pack depending on how you want to tune the raid comp/dps requirement. If only 1 aoe pack were to spawn each time make it so that you'd have to use the boss damage/golem slow on each of those packs in order to kill them more consistently by increasing their hp a bit more.

    Since the red aura golem is much more useful in the fight at handling other mechanics, I feel he should be the golem to come out 1st followed by blue then green. Upping the rate at which they all come out would also work.

    I really like the idea surrounding the use of Guard on this fight so that players have to make sure they are positioned correctly throughout. This should be a good mechanics-check fight.


    You mentioned the death-zone around the perimeter wouldn't be there with the death of Zilas so that shouldn't be an issue. We should definitely test that to be 100% certain, though, as I know a lot of stuff has broken in HK over the years and having an inaccessible boss wouldn't be a good idea.

    Rampant Decay and Corrosive Bile need to do damage instantly instead of having a slight travel time. Rampant decay as soon as the cast starts, Corrosive Bile as soon as the cast finishes. That should keep people more on their toes. As it is right now these mechanics are non-factors and don't do enough damage to really scare you away from them. While they shouldn't 1-shot, they should do a significant amount of damage to make you want to get out/solve the mechanic as quickly as possible.

    The knockback that occurs right before his submerged phases should apply a slow that stacks with the slow applied by the little ant adds. Movement speed has increased so drastically since original HK that even the stutter-step method of kiting the boss is severely dumbed-down. Being a bit slower should work here.

    The death-goop Grug lays down lasts a lot longer now, which I like, but it still seems to disappear while it remains active. Probably just a rendering issue, but something worth mentioning because invisible death is never fun.

    Vladmal Prime:

    This guy has the potential to be a great mini-boss fight again, but our initial tests showed us too many glaring issues with the initial design. The purple/white auras are placed such that jumping off the platform is not only necessary, but the fastest way to travel from the initial fight area. This causes a few major issues:
    • Adds/boss get stuck in the terrain because of pathing issues.
    • Adds/boss can't hit players that are on certain pieces of terrain that are above/below them.
    • Adds/boss either reset or disappear because of pathing/los issues.
    To solve these issues, the most simple solution is to just put the auras not on the ground floor where they are now, but on the lower platform across the rocky bridge. This way nobody has to jump off the main platform to risk pathing issues, and you can add in death zones on the lower areas so that the adds (works best of the big construct add) can have some sort of tank (or everybody in an area) knock-back mechanic that makes it challenging to take them to-and-from each platform. A way to have people spreading out to be mindful of the edges of each platform/the ramp.


    Jornaru has too little hp.

    Love the waves.

    Platforms have severe rendering(?) issues. Visually, sometimes they are there, sometimes they aren't, sometimes they are but just in the wrong position (too high/low/tilted/etc.).

    Hit debuff is still removable by dueling and jumping in the water.
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    Quick comment about the Aky hit gating from our group:

    "I think the hit reduction from Jornaru is going to turn people off from this tier of raiding even further. Hit in itself is a flawed gate for content; the dps checks within a fight should be what tests guilds, not their hit rating."

    To further expand on this, gone are the days where people are progressed in a tier and are willing to jump-ship to a similarly/more progressed guild unless theirs dies. Back in original HK you saw a lot of people that were 7-8/11 jumping around to the various guilds that were up there in progression. We don't have quite the population to support that anymore and trying to recruit people into a guild is hard enough at this point, but also making them have the hit required to meet the Aky hit nerf seems even more unreasonable at this point.

    I'll have another post up sometime tomorrow about our Estrode testing tonight. Thanks!

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    Default 3/18

    • Curse of Solitude/Titan's Strike were severely under-tuned.
    • Natural Splendor showed up on the debuffs as cleansable, but was not.
    • Healing Showers showed up on the boss as purgable but was not.
    • The red floor aoe wasn't being displayed properly. Simple misalignment.
    • The Arbiter cleave ability had too high a priority in her ability queue, making it one of the only abilities she uses when Arbiter is stolen.
    • Other souls' abilities seemed to have too low of a priority and never went off, namely Necrotic Engine from Tactician and Extraordinary Care from Lib.
    • The hp values on the soul-wisps around the room seemed to have been tuned properly.

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    Default 3/18 cont.

    Here is some more detailed info on what we found. Enjoy!


    • Apparently Estrode's "Aggro Aura" can be reflected by abilities like Glassy Reflection. I have no idea how this might impact the scripting but probably best to flag it as non-redirectable.
    • More on the point, the red zone effect (Curse of the Soul Reaper) can be reflected.
    • Two abilities, Flaming Breath and Land Mines, deal friendly fire damage to the souls. Not sure if intended.
    • Binding Will: This kept healing players even with the MC disabled; probably should function as a pair.
    • Estrode emotes for every dead NPC. Obviously a key balancing concern.

    01:48:56: Ahov's Glassy Reflection fades from Ahov.
    01:48:56: Ahov redirects Estrode's Aggro Aura.

    02:20:10: Ahov's Curse of the Soul Reaper critically hits Estrode for 2294109 Death damage.
    Undertuned/Possible Old Ability Values:

    • Avatar of the Rift [riftblade]: Damage component deals 300-600 damage?
    • Creeping Death [reaver]: 12k hits on tanks, 25k hits on others. Heals Estrode for 2-3k, which seems low. Is this even an ability still?
    • Curse of Solitude [cabalist]: Appeared to be 2 distinct damage patterns; one <1k and another ~29k.
    • Death Touch [paragon]: OK? Actually, rather weak. 22-24k hit.
    • Doctrine of Authority [justicar]: OK, ~35k hit on tank. 40k heal is undertuned. Extremely low on priority list and almost never used.
    • Dancing Steel [bladedancer]: Undertuned damage, around 11-15k per hit.
    • Impale [sin]: Extremely undertuned, ~3k ticks.
    • Land Mines [sab]: Fairly weak - 18-24k hits. Also hits the souls with friendly fire.
    • Living Flame [nb]: Undertuned. Deals 22k damage per tick. It's easy to deal with, so the damage penalty for not doing so should be at least double.
    • Titan Strike [champ]: Hilariously undertuned, 7-8k hits. Old version still there?
    • Natural Splendor [chloro]: 15k damage hits. Heals for 38k/tick, so very much undertuned. Extremely low on priority, so she'll probably never actually cast it.
    • Healing Benediction [sent]: 18k heals, old version, undertuned, or both.
    • Add - Vilehorn Dominator [druid]: Satyr Sweep still has the old 62 SP/AP values. Very weak in general.
    • Blademark [harb]: Does this even do anything?
    • Spiritual Conflag [puri]: 14k damage hits, 18-25 heals, 50k absorb. Undertuned. Possibly in some sort of weird obscure reference issue, Estrode may heal you with SC if you happen to be casting it on yourself as she casts hers for double its normal amount.

    01:17:43: Estrode's Spiritual Conflagration heals Kailes for 2323. (50256 overheal)

    • Circle of Oblivion [inq]: Hits for 30-40k ticks each second, spawns multiple (likely) overlapping circles that are very hard to see, starts ticking immediately (sub 1s). The most overtuned aspect of the fight. See above.
    • Neddra's Grasp [warlock]: Wow, ~91k on tanks and 168-172k on others. Tuned way above a 2-shot. What the hell, leave it in.
    • Rain of Arrows [ranger]: 45k/sec. 3 bubbles seem to be centered on players? Main problem is how they tend to overlap, cover a large chunk of the non-red area, and start ticking fairly quickly. Honestly, I'd make it another second before they start ticking and reduce it to 2 bubbles.
    • Shattered Reflection [arb]: 52k on tanks, 91-94k on others. Extremely large range and has the priority so jacked that Estrode does nothing else. Priority obviously needs fixing; I'd also cut the range by a little bit, maybe decrease damage by 20%.
    • Add - Shackled Corpse [necro]: Their numbers and HP seem dangerous enough, the 42k aveage attack seems a little high. Probably doesn't matter, since you'll avoid the soul anyway.
    • Verse of Fascination [bard]: The duration is painful since no CC breaks work, but no worries if the duration's getting reduced (I'd still avoid it).


    • Crossfire [marksman]: OK. 29k ticks.
    • Flaming Breath [pyro]: ~18k hit on tanks, 40k on players. Actually hits the souls for 60k+ plus.
    • Lightning Field [sc]: OK. Hits for 35k each single, very large bubble. A little stronk but OK.
    • Healing Showers [warden]: OK. 135k heals to herself and any summons.
    • Add - Hellbound Bloodmaw [beast]: OK, a little on the low side. Good to have a pet soul you don't mind her getting though.
    • Add - Enslaved Darkrock [ele]: 43k hits and continual DoTs, high HP and these guys pile up pretty quick. OK, though a soul to avoid.
    • Defend the Fallen [oracle], Waning Power [archon], Rage of the North [shaman], Power Sink [vk]: Seem OK.
    • Impassible Guard [pally], Scatter the Shadows [rogue]: Work as you'd expect.


    I believe we did not see the abilities of the following souls: Liberator, Tempest, Warlord, Defiler, Physician, Tactician, and Dominator.

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    Default 4/1

    Some of the trash packs before Akylios were acting a little bit strange on a few of the pulls. The Mist mobs were meant to port to random people and aggro-dump, but we were seeing all of the mobs aside from casters in these packs doing the same thing and even taking it a step further. For example, the Abyssling and Seacap adds were not only resetting aggro, but they were doing it every 1s or less and charging people every time it happened. Pretty sure it wasn't intended, but it stopped happening on our last pull where we killed it.


    The damage buff on Apostles was purgable. It was also like this in the past, but the damage buff they had was a lot more significant back then. Apostles need to just straight-up do more damage overall to make them a tad more threatening since their auto-attacks aren't even strong enough to make a dps/healer dip much.

    100% damage taken debuff applied to the Apostle from a Deepclaw death, while discussed during testing, was found to be odd that it only applies to a single Apostle (closest one). We think leaving it as is is fine because it will enforce a DPS check to kill the Apostles ASAP.

    The damage the Mana Pinchers dealt upon death worked fine.

    Platforms were still graphically bugged. Known issue, should be fixed soon.

    Jornaru's Orb that he throws at a random person after phase 1 still only silences. While a debilitate is too much as it would negatively affect dps, it needs to somehow affect healers who get hit by it to bring back the need for different groupings to eat the Orbs.

    Waves need to be a little bit faster to account for the increased move-speed we have. As it currently stands, dodging them is super easy.

    Water Spout in phase 1 is not punishing enough in its current state since it's so easy to move out of now. Adding a large (70%+) move-speed debuff for getting hit by it would suffice.

    Phase 3 breath emotes should be removed (if they haven't been already) to truly revert to pre-nerf status.


    Rotational Laser speed still needs to be slightly increased. Still too slow.

    Butcher adds should deal a bit more damage as they are currently tank-able by non-tanks. Same goes for Imp adds most likely, they never really got the chance to hit anybody in our few pulls.

    Stasis Crystals should be neutral targets to prevent tab-targeting (QoL Fix, Snuggy approved).

    Magus's raid-wipe cast is currently a little too fast if it reaches the platform. It should probably be tuned so that there is enough time to kill the Magus assuming it has 50% Health remaining as it reaches the center platform and begins its cast. 50% needs to be dealt using the Stasis Crystals/ranged dps, the remaining 50% would be from the platform. Ideally it would die before it gets to the platform. Could potentially make it even tighter, but this wasn't something we were directly testing.
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    Default 4/6


    Tank damage from Apostles needs to be brought up. After a few of the increases to the Bolt/auto-attack damage, they seemed to be hitting for the right amount. This makes the purgable buff they get something to actually worry about and have to deal with. Thumbs up!

    100% damage taken debuff that gets applied to the Apostles from a Deepclaw death wasn't applying properly in some cases. From one example, an Apostle was ~5m away from a Deepclaw when the Deepclaw died and the damage-taken debuff wasn't applied to the Apostle, resulting in a wipe.

    Platforms were still having graphical errors, but we seemed to have narrowed down a lot of the issues of why this was happening. This is, by far, the most important fix at the moment in my eyes and I'm glad we got somewhere with it tonight.

    The speed at which the waves traveled looked great.

    Phase 3 breath emotes should be removed.

    The number of people being chosen for Mind Control was acting a bit strange. It seemed to not be applied to tanks sometimes, making only 2 people get the mechanic, making it 100% unsolvable. We even had 1 case of 4 people getting the MC and solving it, however.

    Cerebral Bore damage was initially too low. I believe you upped it a bit to an appropriate amount.

    The Orb Jornaru throws in p2+ was not doing nearly enough damage. There were a few cases of very few people eating it (3-4) and their health barely moved.

    Stinger damage seemed a bit higher than what it was on the original, but with the amount of AoE healing now it shouldn't become an issue.

    The hit debuff is still removable. It also says that it reduces hit by 120, but it only lowers hit by 50. Simple display issue.

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    Default 4/8

    Guard should be looked at again and, possibly, slightly bumped up while in t2 raids. As it currently stands you need a full set of Guard gear to reach the appropriate amount of Guard needed on a few fights and it's not really a viable option when non-mark bought gear comes with the other tertiary stats like Dodge and Block.


    The speed of the laser looks great now. Not too challenging for the bosses placement in the raid, but still challenging enough to be a disruptive mechanic during the fight.

    The HP the Skeleton and, later in the fight, pair of Zombie adds that come out after a laser needs to be brought down by ~50%. Before, these adds would die almost immediately when they got to the platform. Now, they simply take way too long to die for the amount of other adds needing to be dealt with and the amount of these adds that spawn. I think we were discussing something in the realm of ~2-2.2mil HP seemed like a good place for them.

    The tank swap mechanic needs to be much less frequent than every ~8-10s. How it was before on this fight you could simply 1-tank it, or have 1 tank stay on Zilas full-time and have an add-tank picking everything up and bringing it in. Now, tanks have their hands way too full with everything going on. You need to, essentially, hit your ST taunt on Zilas off-cd to keep up with the swapping, and when you aren't tanking Zilas you have no time to go around picking up adds since you're about to take Zilas back from the other tank again. Increasing the time between swaps to every ~20s and slightly reducing the damage the debuff does (not much, just a tiny bit to make up for the extended duration the debuff lasts) will go a long way to making the fight more manageable and fun for tanks.

    Missing an interrupt on the Imps is extremely punishing. Keep it.

    Healers seem to build threat on incoming adds throughout their entire pathing to the main platform and not just as soon as the adds are becoming active at the back of the main platform making taunts (or multiple high-threat gcds) almost necessary to pull off of them. Having threat being built on Zilas transferred over to these adds would be a bit too easy of a solution, but having them go right for the healers with all that threat built up is also not a very good thing. Don't know if there's some middle-ground that could be achieved here.


    Main thing here was platforms still not working. Went in today (4/9) to see if the patch fixed it and it looked rather promising. However, others are still reporting platforms not working. This will be the main issue going forward with this fight.


    Fight is simply too straightforward and easy. The only thing I can really think of to make the fight a bit harder would be to have more max-range targets have to place red in the last phase, and have a tank debuff that goes up and lasts throughout the initial 4 phases, making the tank damage/healing the main aspect of the first part of the fight. This debuff would either drop off or not affect the last phase while fighting Inwar himself, however.

    Inwar's Dark Tide cast didn't seem to do enough damage. Maybe after more ramp-up it would, but initial casts were fairly non-threatening.

    Threat would drop between initial phases making normal rezzing available. Seemed to have been fixed, though.

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