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    Default Raid Testing Feedback & Discussion


    This forum is designed to provide a place for raiders participating in testing of content that is not yet available outside of PTS to offer consolidated feedback. We have three forms of feedback we'd like to get: Tuning, Mechanic and Bug Reports. In order to be able to post in this forum your guild must have applied and been approved as scheduled raid testers in the designated thread located here.

    Once a guild is approved the applying individual will be granted the ability to post and create new threads in this forum. The intention of this is to minimize cross talk that may detract from our ability to find useful information. Participants in this program are expected to provide at least one summary feedback for each developer assisted raid night they're scheduled for in order to continue participation in the future.

    Below are templates that you should fill out to answer the basics of any of these three categories. If your feedback does not fall into any of these categories, such as general opinion or comment, you do not need to use one of these templates.

    • Boss name
    • Raid composition (#tanks, healers, DPS)*
    • Estimated Raid DPS average with that composition
    • What was the duration of the fight?
    • What's the lowest percentage of health you got the boss to?
    • Were you using the test box gear or live gear?
    • What caused your wipes?
    • What was the guard stat of your tanks?
    • Did anything consistently one shot the tank?
    • Did anything consistently kill non-tanks?
    • Did you notice any of your abilities hitting a lot harder than you expected?
    • Average auto attack damage on the tank?
    • Were there any abilities that required CDs to live through?

    • Boss name
    • Name of ability or phase of fight
    • What is your overall impression of and feedback on this mechanic?

    • Boss name?
    • Ability name (if applicable)?
    • What's the problem?
    • What is your understanding of how this is expected to work?
    • Can you reproduce this bug consistently? If so what are the steps?

    If you have questions about the expectation of participation in the raid testing program, you may PM me directly.

    Thanks again for testing,

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