Hey everyone,

Early testing for the Carnival Event 2021 will be available on the PTS shard for Rift, starting March 22.

To access PTS, change your region in the Glyph launcher (top right corner window dropdown menu) from North America or Europe to PTS.

Please report any bugs and share your feedback regarding this event in this thread. Let us know what you think!


Here is a short overview of the PTS Test Notes:

Store Items

New items are available in the Carnival section of the store: 1x minion, 6x mounts, 2x wings, 1x cape, 2x cake consumables, 1x cake dimensional item.


Celebration Bag for Pinata Hunters can be looted from Pinata footholds (50% chance)
Celebration Bag for Adventurers is looted when defeating a carnival IA boss.


Please report any possible unexpected behavior derived to the new fixes for

Oracle - Legendary Insignia of Blood should not be triggered by non-damaging abilities anymore.
Bug reported by the community - http://forums.riftgame.com/general-d...ine-sight.html
Mystic Archer - Legendary Ride the Wind now reduces the cast time of Summoning Quiver as expected.
Bug reported by the community - http://forums.riftgame.com/general-d...r-instant.html