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    You are basicly just saying a big "**** you" to everyone that has more than one character, have farmed for T2 gear or have any other interest in other aspects of this game than gear.
    What is your thought behind this gear?

    Great with new content, but the farm to get this gear is way to high. It will take years to get all pieces upgraded and that's not thinking about having multiple characters. This is comming from someone that has fully farmed that planar weapon, and there is no way I could start this madness at the current cost. In addition to the amount of tokens required, the quests are plain boring and are not using a lot of the great aspects this game has. I wish I could see quests for dungeons, raids and even artifacts - just because that could make years of farming more interesting. Have you also taken into consideration how it will look with 50 people farming for the same rifts and invasions with just 4 shard on EU?

    Also, you could have bothered to add new wardrobe on the items. Make them worth something more than just the stats.

    I might be old school, but I think the best gear should be from raids. Raids that provide a challenge outside having gear. Raids that provide a challenge in focus, setup, specs and all of it. This gear is saying that the best gear, and maby even required gear for next tier of raid, will be able for all and anyone that can/want spend hours of hours closing rifts + and dosnt requires any skills in the gameplay.


    I love that it's comming new stuff, so it's not all bad. I just think this game is becoming a grind fest of levels and not challenging or fun at all.
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    As a raider I'd like to say I'm hugely disappointed ( expected from gamigo ) Who thought adding some kinda Koreanish MMO grind could be better for a game like Rift. So many people even gave negative feedback about that Planar weapon upgrade steps but you guys are didnt even care at some point. This gear is completely pointless atm, Even if I got the full planar gear what I'm going to do Farm the BOS 5 man ? is that the idea. Instead of bringing that grindish ideas why you guys are not creating a good end game raid at least.

    How can a Open World gear item can beat a fully upgraded Tier 2 upgraded raid gear, thats no make sense at all. I never saw any of the games are using that kind of grindish systems except Korean MMO's.

    Even WOW has some kinda grind about getting the best in game raid items but not like this...

    So Gamigo is basically saying you guys can do raid and beat that challenging bosses and get the BIS in game gear but we dont care about your raid even gear at all. Open World players can beat your *** with that planar gear or weapon... This is just mocking nothing much...

    This is really ridiculous, Whoever behind those ideas must think twice before implementing it. This kind of ideas are even kill your game entirely.
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    Default How can I get my level 70 character over to PTS?

    I tried going directly into the PTS server and all it does it wants me to create a new tune.
    I tried going into my existing lvl70 character and under "Transfer" there is a "Copy to PTS" button which is greyed out.

    How do I get my level 70 North America server character to PTS ( and back again)?

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    Default short answer - you can't

    Quote Originally Posted by Yaela110 View Post
    I tried going directly into the PTS server and all it does it wants me to create a new tune.
    I tried going into my existing lvl70 character and under "Transfer" there is a "Copy to PTS" button which is greyed out.

    How do I get my level 70 North America server character to PTS ( and back again)?
    "Transfer to PTS" has been disabled for years. You can create a new character and there are ways to insta boost that toon to level 70 with any gear that you desire. I believe there is a forum thread on this topic that gives you the basics of how to do it. tl:dr there are npc's that give you everything you need to set yourself up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avexy View Post
    have any other interest in other aspects of this game than gear.
    I hope that the new factions will continue the tradition of offering dimension items, minion cards, companion pets and mounts as faction rewards. The gear offered by Nightmare Tide and older factions is now essentially relegated to wardrobe use but the faction rewards mentioned above have retained their usefulness.

    I'd be more motivated to raise my notoriety in the new factions for those kind of permanently useful rewards than for gear that will all too soon become obsolete.

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    I'm a PvE player interested in group content. This means that I enjoy raids and to a limited extend dungeons. I have neither the time, nor the inclination for a horrible grind. If I can still participate in raids successfully without doing any of this, I will ignore it. If I can not, then I will find something else to do with my time and another game company to give my money to.

    This is an outrageous amount of grind and the content is neither challenging nor interesting. Hint: sitting on your behind all day long to do mind-numbingly boring content is not a challenge.

    I don't have a few years to spent on dull solo content to upgrade a single one of my character, never mind an alt and seeing as just about everything is bind on pickup, I would have to forget about all my twinks at that point.

    Terrible, do better if you want my money.

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    Was going to test but because it won't let us transfer current player which has a new soul it gives me my old lv 65 player without new soul.
    You need to let us transfer current players if you want more people to test in furture
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    We all want and are excited to have something new in Rift, but please, please, please do not release this like this. That's my initial reaction.

    Planar Champion Armor - My general impression for the overall progression is a blatant NO THANK YOU. The increments and the costs feel overwhelmingly complicated and needlessly grindy. The branching options at level 15 are very slightly interesting...but nowhere near worth the cost/effort. This type of content/progression seems like it would appeal to a very minor segment of the Rift population. We've had a discussion about it in our raid group (that clears BoS 7x/week), and there wasn't a single person in the group who thought this sounded like something they would even consider doing. I think we have had 1, maybe 2 people who went thru the effort for the current planar weapon thing in Xarth Mire, and no one has had anything good to say about it.

    Factions and Vendors - I am happy to see the new factions. If you take potential BiS gear and grind out of the faction rewards, then I think it's a good idea. I like seeing new pets, possible minions, mounts, (new) wardrobe, titles, etc.

    Planar Incursions - I have not yet had a chance to complete a Planar Incursion (*please spellcheck every time u use that word in game...it's misspelled in at least 3 places) so I can not really comment on how much time it takes, nor how many people would actually be required to complete it. I think ideally, it would take perhaps 30 minutes max with a group of average players. Since it's open world content, it should be somewhat accessible to anyone who is geared for the zone it's in (but not necessarily in raid gear). I'm also not sure if it scales to the size of the group (similar to a nightmare rift) or if it's meant to be completed with a set number of players. I think getting a few raid equivalent accessories would be an acceptable reward...but not entire BIS raid sets. I also do not think end-game open world content should require excessive repetition for upgrades.

    offtopic but still a few things i wanted to mention:
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    I think what more players mean is, that new content is not just about introducing x notoriety factions with x quartermasters, selling perhaps 10 different pieces of gear that need to be upgraded by grinding events to get both notoriety as currency up to high amounts.

    I think people would rather see a new world with several maps instead of one portal going to a rock in the sky. To walk around, explore, see new storylines worked out in full.. story, action, environment with a good raid, 2 or more slivers, some 5man instances and a few chrons

    If this is to prepare people for T3 raid/gear, then take out the 100/150 hit pieces and rep levels with that.. Less steps, starting at level 68 or 69 with 200 hit gear. and a level req of 70 for 250 hit or 275 hit gear.

    Some of this gear is perhaps good after several upgrades, but until then, it's just filling up bags

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    Default Disappointed

    I've been in Rift since beta.

    I was absolutely thrilled to hear of new content. But not this.

    I begrudgingly accept new Notoriety that requires a grind, as long as it leads to new areas to explore with new dungeons and new raids. But I have no interest at all in 20+ levels of mind numbing solo activity like the new weapons required to obtain multiple pieces of armor for multiple characters.

    Give us new raids, please. Give us new areas, please.

    The Rift model has always been that the Best in Slot gear came from the highest Raids (with the exception of 1 Eternal and 2 Crafted pieces in the last expansion).

    I have not spoken to one single person who is interested in doing this new stuff.

    That should speak volumes.

    If there's new content that includes new raids/areas/dungeons coming any time soon, please tell us so we won't lose all the players this new 'content' is going to chase off.

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    /!\ Message translate with DeepL Translate

    Hi everyone, after a few tests on the PTS here are the different feedbacks that I can issue :

    The HUB :

    Although it has been in game for some time, this is an opportunity to say a few words about the HUB that serves as a home base for the new content in preparation. The Celestial Rock is not without flaws, quite the contrary (although it is just a place created to welcome new NPCs).
    - First of all, the design of the area could have been a bit more worked out. The current state of the HUB consists just of a rock on which prefabricated scenery has been placed for each elemental type of the game, but the zones of each element are not very spaced and the final rendering is average, especially since for the moment the NPCs of each element are useless. I'm sure that good dimensioning could do better, and there's no harm in involving the community in the design of new projects to the point where the game is made.
    - Second, the sound of the HUB is horrible. Many NPCs make horrible sounds in a loop coupled with the general atmosphere of the area, we have screams and weird noises in our ears all the time. Simple solution, turn down the sound of the NPCs or simply make them not emit any sound at all. It almost feels like someone is burping not far from us all the time !
    Here are the problematic NPCs:
    Planar Incursions Phase 1- Feedback Thread-les-cavaliers-du-son-des-enfers.jpg
    That's all that comes to my mind about the HUB and its design at the moment, we could also talk about the fact that the jump buff of the area is always present but you just have to be careful.

    Quests and events :

    Now let's talk about the Planar Incursion event and the quests related to it.
    To summarize, a first daily quest requires us to complete four other daily quests to validate it, its reward being 10 prismatic doubloons.
    These four daily quests require respectively : (example of the fire event)
    - Closing 30 fire rifts bringing back experience
    - Overcome 3 incursions of the flame
    - Participate and complete 6 fire plan zone events
    - Completes the TBD quest
    Each daily quest yields 250 Fire doubloons, so completing all daily quests yields 10 Prismatic doubloons and 1000 Fire doubloons. We can assume that it will be the same for each element, 1000 elemental doubloons per day and 10 prismatic doubloons per day.

    Honestly for daily quests, the requested content seems to me too important, indeed for the moment we have to close 30 corresponding rifts, finish 6 zone events, accomplish a TBD that is still unknown to us (fortress siege?) and defeat three incursions of the flame. The only quest that seems reasonable is the quest to defeat 3 incursions, provided we have the right group. I think that for quests concerning zone events and rifts, the amount required can be halved. See even 2 zone events and 10 faults per day, which still requires a minimum investment, let's not forget that there are also two other daily quests.
    To summarize, reduce the quantities requested for daily quests*:
    - Close 30 rifts reporting experience → Close 10/15 rifts reporting experience
    - destroy 3 fire incursions → ok
    - Complete 6 zone events → Complete 2/3 zone events
    About the duration of the event, it is difficult to say at the moment, especially since we don't have all the associated content.

    Planar incursion :

    Planar incursions are a new feature of the event, so a small part of is dedicated to this one.
    So the planar incursions are bases in the same domain as the forts of Vostigar but present in Ashenfell for the moment (surely because the event is linked to fire). Composed of a central pillar protected by three turrets as well as watches, the base seems designed to be destroyed with a group of 4-5 players.
    Planar Incursions Phase 1- Feedback Thread-incursion-planaire.jpg
    - The mechanics of the turrets is interesting and requires coordination in the group.
    - The monsters don't have enough life, only I managed to kill them with a class of heal mono (Warlink).
    - The pillar so the planar incursion has surely a little too much life, of the order of 15-20 %.
    - The turrets can shoot at us through the base walls while we can't attack them, this should be rectified because it's particularly annoying with the turrets that immobilize.
    - Deactivating the spawn of the normal monsters in the area would be a good idea because the planar incursion watches are attacking those who usually spawn, especially since they are all from the fire plane which is not very logical.
    - With a group destroying the planar incursion should take 5 minutes, which is a good thing because you have to destroy 3 per day.
    I don't think I have anything else to add about planar incursions, all the major problems have been listed previously and if they are solved I don't think there is any need to touch them up afterwards.

    Equipment and progression :

    The sensitive point and rightly so. Indeed, the planar equipment that has been in preparation for a few months has been introduced on the PTS. So we have for the moment:
    - A main piece of equipment (torso, shoulders, pants...) corresponds to an element (fire, water, nightmare...) except the helmet which is not accessible for the moment.
    - All equipment sites can accommodate one piece of planar equipment, including accessories that are connected to two elements at the same time.
    - Each piece of equipment has 21 levels of upgrades, just like the planar weapon we already know.

    I won't dwell on the equipment statistics, others have done it and will do it better than me, however, I have calculated the price of the main pieces of equipment upgraded to level 21.
    So, to increase a piece of main equipment (excluding accessories and weapons) you need 34,892 elementary duplicates and 4,500 prismatic duplicates. Knowing that I take here the way of improvement not taking into account the increase of a piece of equipment of another type in parallel for the transition level 15 to 16.
    If we consider that it is possible with the dailies to receive 1000 elementary duplicates per day as well as 10 prismatic duplicates, then it would take 35 days to gather the sufficient quantity of elementary duplicates and 450 days to obtain the necessary prismatic duplicates.
    Planar Incursions Phase 1- Feedback Thread-amelio-stuff-planaire.jpg
    - This poses a real problem of correlation between elementary duplicates and prismatic duplicates, a little more than one less to have the necessary sum for elementary duplicates and more than one year for prismatic duplicates.
    - The amount of money needed for a single piece of equipment seems unreasonably high to me, all the more so since we do not know the rotation of events and it is very likely that there are several pieces of equipment to be increased at the same time.
    - The equipment combining two pieces from level 15 seems to be a hell to increase, I didn't even dare to calculate the number of duplicates needed (shame on me) and it implies to farm two elements at the same time for a single piece.
    - The farm needed for the planar equipment is far too high at the moment and needs a reasonable revaluation.

    The pets :

    Small point concerning the companions, in French none has a name except that of fire. Moreover, the companion Égide (the robot) makes an unbearable noise when he moves, not giving at all the desire to make it clear that we possess this companion.
    Planar Incursions Phase 1- Feedback Thread-planar-compagnon_no-name.jpg

    Conclusion :

    Recognizing that what is on the PTS is a blueprint for a much larger project, the original intent of the project being to allow non-raiders access to high level equipment seems compromised in the state. Indeed we must not forget that on the one hand many players are casual gamers, but that this is even more true for the non-raiders. Such a large amount of farm equipment will in no way encourage even highly motivated players to try to have this equipment accessible in raids much more easily and quickly, even for someone not initiated to raids. I wouldn't mention the controversy over the fact that the latest levels of planar equipment are better than raid equipment, compromising RIFT 10-year policy that the best equipment was in raid.
    Anyway don't make the mistake of adding the content end-to-end on the live server, adding the planar weapon discreetly was not a good idea as it presented and still presents many problems. The few WBs added were also unfortunately a failure due to uselessness and malfunction.

    Yours sincerely.

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    If this is an Open World gear, then maybe you could add new upgrade paths.
    Doing Rifts, Footholds, Colossi - that has been for everything, for almost every upgrade.
    And to be honest, I believe many people are tired of it. I mean doing the same thing over and over.
    So, maybe you could add new things like killing 10 000 monsters, or finish any puzzle 10 times. If it really is meant to be an Open World gear, then it should have many other things to do in it's upgrade paths.
    Send minions on 4h missions 20 times, or complete 15 daily crafting quests. Things like that.
    Getting gear and doing all that stuff won't seem like a grind anymore.
    Of course there would still be closing Rifts or destroying Footholds. But if you add more and more different activities, it would be a fun time upgrading that gear.

    Of course I don't know if it's possible to implement things like that. But if it could be, that wouldn't feel like a grind anymore.

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    Nice, nice... And what to do about it overgears...? oh yes, while you are ups 1.5 years will we draw a new set or a new raid for us? or what?

    And what to do with all this crit power, salt?

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    Default I am not going to put my genitals in your food processor

    I will try to keep this short, others in above posts have gone into detail about the many and varied points of this 'new content' that not only need adjustment but should not even in my opinion have been considered during the concept stage of its development.

    Grinding =/= Content

    I understand that putting long-winded upgrade paths on gear can buy time in which to develop later content. The Planar crafted ranged weapon and helm, as well as the eternal weapon grind, while being tedious are at least achievable. I agree that if you can get BiS gear open world then it shouldn't be easy either. The Planar weapon from Xarth is a travesty, I have many end-game toons and only got it on one which I will not bother to work on upgrading. When it was introduced you were given mountains of feedback that it was a terrible idea, yet here you are proposing a plethora of gear which is orders of magnitude more time-consuming to upgrade.

    All you had to do was put one more upgrade stage on the eternal weapons to bring hit up to 2600, even if that was the only stat/proc/use increase. It seems that you are putting long-winded upgrade paths on gear, just so you can buy time to work on the next set of gear that has mind-numbing soul-destroying upgrade paths. This is not content. This is a player-base culling debacle.

    I am begging you to not release this as it is. I am begging you to put some work into generating some actual content. Clearly the remaining player-base has ALOT of patience, no doubt many will make a start on this grindfest but I believe most will leave this game before they are done.

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    Another big complaint I have is in regards to the Synergy Crystals and gear combinations, it is way more complicated than it should be, and more complicated than most people are willing to try and understand it. It is going to be obvious that most people will start begging for a guide that will tell them which gear pieces, upgrade paths, synergy crystal, and notoriety they need to get because they won't bother looking through the 10s, if not 100s of possible combinations of stats.

    It's a very interesting idea, but I think it would only be appropriate in an entire new expansion, not an addition to the current endgame. Is there literally any reason that synergy crystals need to have a dozen different varieties and upgrades other than having another thing to spend months/years grinding notoriety for? The gear is already interesting in it's elemental combinations and upgrade paths, the synergy crystals should have 1 crystal per "role" per element, not 15 per element with a confusing variety of (mostly useless or uninteresting) stats.
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