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    Default PTS - Planar Incursions Phase 1 available for testing!

    Hey everyone,

    Early testing for Planar Incursions Phase 1 will be available on the PTS shard for Rift, starting January 29 at 16:30 CET!

    To access PTS, change your region in the Glyph launcher (top right corner window dropdown menu) from North America or Europe to PTS.

    Please report any bugs and share your feedback regarding this event in >>this thread<<. Let us know what you think!


    Here is a short overview about Planar Incursions:

    In general

    • The current content available for testing in PTS is for the Incursions related to the Order of Ignis faction.
    • The team plans to implement Incursion events for each faction.
    • Planar Incursion Events will happen often alternating between the different factions as they are released.
    • Planar Incursion Events can run at the same time as World Events and CTAs.


    There will be a Meta quest to complete all the other quests in the event. This quest will reward the Prismatic (premium) currency. These quests will generally include 3-4 quests and these quests will be a Close Rifts, Do Zone Events, and a specific quest for that event. For example, with the Fire Meta Quest, you will be required to Close X Rifts, Do X Zone Events, and find and destroy fire encampments in Ashenfell.


    There will be 8 factions associated with Planar Incursions. The Parent faction is The Shields of Telara. You will receive points in this faction for completing the meta quests. The quests that are tied to this faction will be the ones that grant Prismatic Doubloons, the rare/premium currency. The other factions are listed below along with their currency. These factions are specific to the planar type that the event is based on.

    The Order of Aer Air Doubloons
    The Order of Anima Life Doubloons
    The Order of Aquas Water Doubloons
    The Order of Ignis Fire Doubloons
    The Order of Insomnium Nightmare Doubloons
    The Order of Mors Death Doubloons
    The Order of Solum Earth Doubloons


    Each faction including the Shields of Telara will have its own faction store. The primary faction, Shields of Telara will have a pet, a 40 slot bag, and a Mech mount available for purchase for Prismatic Tokens at certain faction ranks.

    Each sub-faction store will have the following items for a mix of currency, both prismatic and the proper sub-type of doubloon:

    • Rank 1 Armor piece for that planar theme. (Example: Fire Cloak for Fire faction) In cases where there are cross faction items such as Steam (Fire and Water) it will appear in both faction’s merchant, although it will still cost both faction tokens.
    • A pet themed to the faction
    • More items may be added in the future
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