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Thread: PTS feedback from Crab : Thelori-iskzah testing

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    Default PTS feedback from Crab : Thelori-iskzah testing

    After today's testing against the Crab world boss here are my though about it :

    - the bump damage overall seems good enough since it will hit everyone in range, of about 40m i think? (could be increased by like 5 to 10% but more will most likely kill lower geared people)
    - the drowing area around the boss could see it's damage boosted by about 50% (should be around 60k tick to each people in the 20m range) since being melee should come with a little risk on this boss. Current 40k damage per tick seems to not put healer under a real pressure even paired with the bump.
    - boss damage is fine
    - add damage are really fine tuned , one shot unlicky dds/healers but tankable by the tank so it's all good there

    Other people who tested it can add their feedback about it there too to keep the in one thread.

    Overall this boss is really nice, one of the funnier of the 3 we currently know. A little more damage here and there should make it a little more stressfull for healers, which is what a world boss should be in my opinion, without making too hard to heal through.

    Keep up the good work on those bosses Kerilar !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hokhmah View Post
    A little more damage here and there should make it a little more stressful for healers, which is what a world boss should be in my opinion, without making too hard to heal through.
    I completely agree. This way you need at least 1 or 2 good raid healers in each raid group, instead of just the group with the tank in it.

    Overall this boss was more enjoyable than the others, mostly because of the knockback mechanic that keeps DPS on their toes, rather than a random auto-stun. The boss and add damages seem pretty good, so if the knockback & drowning mechanic get the DPS boosted a little bit then I think it would be good to go.

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    It was nice to see some proper mechanics on it too, being able to cleanse the drowning debuff (for a short time) and being able to interrupt the adds.
    Everybodys got jobs to do!
    cleanses, rupts, purges etc can make a boss feel much less tank n spank!

    I was shocked at the size of the turtle adds! was expecting cute little baby turtles.. but no!
    though having a single large add should at least contribute to reducing the lag issues with having so many small adds on the other two bosses.

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    For now this boss seems the most interesting of all. It is a punitive boss if people make mistakes, not a punitive boss just to be punitive.
    The adjustments proposed above seem correct to me.
    Can't wait to kill this boss on live
    You can't see me but i'm there anyway

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