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    Default PTS Update - 10/14/2019 - Autumn Harvest

    PTS has been updated and the Autumn Harvest treats have begun to trickle in. The Autumn Harvest event should be running in Phase 1 for several days, before it transitions to Phase 2 and Phase 3.
    Please use this thread to post about any issues that you find with seasonal quests or items related to the event.
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    Any chance we can get this recolor tinted orange instead of yellow? I actually always hoped they'd make this into more of a pumpkin color.

    On the topic of mounts (someone pinged you on discord about this as well) - Can we get some of the previous direct purchase mounts placed on the vendor for marks as an alternative like what's done with other mounts from previous harvests? Noxious levitation and the wings from last year.
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    Is there not a way we can get some more minion cards? I am stuck at 248, needing 2 more the ach. I have everything possible except the hidden raid ones. IDC, how they get in the game, reskin them or just change the name. Just something new.

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    For a strange reason i have problem loading the preview on most of the new items on pts.
    And what Manasa said.
    Previous year items would be nice to be available with marks.
    Like the mounts (Noxious Leviatation,Wings) and the wardrobe Tuath'de Royal Vestment.

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    Default Autumn Harvest IA

    It appears that the IA of Autumn Harvest has pretty much the smae problem as last year.
    When a IA quest completes the new one doesnt automatically apply, which results in the who IA getting stuck.
    It also appears to be unjoinable after getting stuck as seen below

    PTS Update - 10/14/2019 - Autumn Harvest-2019-10-19-20_31_32-window.jpg
    Discord: MarcOSX#0927

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