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Thread: PTS getting Autumn Harvest?

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    Question PTS getting Autumn Harvest?

    Heya All, I am just curious, I know there isn't much going on PTS as well as not much players, but I am curious, is PTS going to get Autumn Harvest? Would be fun if so. And you know me GM's, even though on majority of the PTS' is to test certain things, when there isn't much to test on RIFT PTS atm, I like to sit there and grind some Harvest Currency or any Event currency etc. Just my "work for it" ways lol. I mean, I always have fun with RIFT's events on Live, and this year you guys did amazing with the amount of Halloween/Harvest items, I mean, I am having a blast, reminds me of when I had all that excitement of Close/Open Beta of RIFT. Even though PTS didn't exist then, all that excitement is still there from that time today lol. But again just wondering. :P

    SIDE NOTE: Well never mind then lol, I totally forgot that this whole thing is affecting ALL of Trion, across all of their games..So ignore what I wrote above...my apologies.
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