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    Default After testing on PTS

    Overall the PTS changes seemed spot on (these are slightly different to the changes going through on live 15 August), the DPS requirements were a little more generous, but the tanking and healing mechanics, which have always been the gated requirements in this raid, are still a challenge.

    There were pre-existing bugs (dating from the stacking buff changes) on Titan-X which we noted:

    Static Blast not doing enough damage to the players., what was 200k is now < 2k
    Infection from the Infectors also hitting at 12k a tick instead of 200k

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    Default BoS PTS Nerf

    So after running tonight, all the changes that are on the current PTS are very welcome. Commander is still going to be a challenge but it will give the lesser groups and guilds an actual chance to clear it.

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    Since the live version is half the nerf of what PTS is, i still think guilds will struggle to kill this, if they dont play the correct specs, which i find are quite often when running 4/5 pug runs every week. IF the PTS nerf (8%health/2%dmg) comes to live, i think that will just be enough for runs to meet enrage. So a welcome nerf

    For PTS
    -IF you phase the 1st stage up to the 2:45 mark, you can kill isiel.
    -Tank damage seems fine, still have to use a CD during voltatic and a link spec is still needed for tanks to survive.

    -Spigot nerf is nice, if someone has low hp they can still survive the hit. Cant remember if there was a hp nerf on spigot, but it went down fast, so that's fine

    -Live atm has static pulse bug and infected ground , so that needs fixing.

    -Titanx hp seems fine

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    Edit: Archy posted logs as I was posting my own feedback. Check for more in depth parses on his.
    The current nerfs on PTS are 2% to damage and 8% to HP. The nerfs coming to live tomorrow will be roughly half of that so I think quite a few groups will still struggle, but that's partly why we tested. Not to mention is better to release minor incremental nerfs at a time.

    - Everyone's mostly in full T2. Some with more upgrades than others.
    - Final Stage Eternals
    - Not stones, vials or sigils
    - A couple people redid the frags, but for the most part we all just used what we had after the copy.
    - Tried to mimic the average group going in with different comps with lower dps on purpose.

    Commander Isiel
    1 31 Vulcanist
    1 Ele/pyro
    1 Pyro/warlock
    1 Nb/sab
    1 Archon (full dps)
    2 Tanks
    2 Chantions (1 15% link)
    1 Oracle

    I don't remember if anyone died during this kill, but we were around 30seconds from enrage with this parse and some mof that is still with partial cleave from leftover adds and whenever vindicator tank taunts isiel over so nb/sab will be closer to 700k or so. This is going to be a nice change for the majority of guilds, especially entry level ones. This is assuming these current changes eventually make it to live.

    Note for players: Just because we used a nb/sab doesn't mean you should still play it. We just used it to mirror lower dps for average level groups going in. Playing the right specs with appropriate rotations is always going to be necessary for raids.

    Titan X
    1 Primalist Tank
    1 31 Vulcanist
    1 Shaman
    2 Reavers
    1 Chant valda
    1 Ele/pyro
    1 Warlock
    1 61 Nightblade
    1 Archon

    As the others have mentioned, the HP nerf to spigots is really helpful. Gives a little more room to clear out the adds before they enrage. This fight relies heavily on having the right cleave capable classes/comp so it makes it that much harder when you don't have them in your own runs. The 61 nb and shaman already had melee spots so I didn't get to test Riftblade cleave and reaver generally has too much ramp up time to cleave reliably on top of capping at 3 targets for most abilities.
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