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    Quote Originally Posted by Learan View Post
    For Warlock would it be possible to get Radiate Death changed so it spreads to 4 enemies instead of 2?
    I have to add my input here. It's quite confusing why the cleave on some specs was reduced to three targets while other specs can cleave like crazy and still do significant single target numbers

    *cough* Nightblade *cough*

    Reaver comes to mind, while it was OP at first without the damage penalty on plague bringer. The aoe damage was significantly reduced and then it was reduced to three targets. Five targets makes more sense or allow ALL abilities to hit the three targets with a 50% damage penalty.
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    Default 4.5 changes

    As we didn't get a chance to test a lot of the changes before going to live, I've been testing different variations for a lot of the specs since the patch went live and I really hope there are more changes to follow.

    So far I've found Riftblade to be the highest followed closely by Reaver. Warlord and Paragon aren't too far behind Riftblade but both should be ahead since Riftblade has way better cleave.

    Tempest is significantly behind Reaver. I know it's suppose to be bursty but Reaver bursts higher and sustains better. Tempest is about 300k behind, could be less as I don't have the most optimal spec/rotation yet but you can tell from the burst that it's only going to go downhill from there. Some suggestions as follows:
    - Buff Charged pulse slightly
    - Buff Arc high in the tree, its damage is insignificant
    - Buff Electricity Cascade, it's not worth casting OR
    - Make Electricity Cascade a builder that doesn't consume ARC since we have too many finishers already.
    - Buff Skyfall high in the tree, maybe have it count as a pulse
    - Reduce cooldown on Lightning Torrent OR
    - Increase the damage bonus Legendary Lightning Torrent provides

    Paragon needs a small boost to put it ahead of Riftblade and be comparable to other single target specs.
    - I suggest buffing Shifting Blades high in the tree.
    - Buff Rising Waterfall's bonus damage slightly.
    - Increase Alacrity's duration so we can try make use of other finishers
    - Legendary Flurry's damage boost should be increased to 150% to even consider taking it over something else. Either that or the ability itself needs to do a lot more damage.
    - Make Sweeping blades useful plox

    Glad to see Piercing Thrust was fixed, thank you for that. However, the only reason this spec can even compare is thanks to icy burst. It needs a finisher that's too good to give up. Maybe make A Quick Death consume attack points as there's no real reason to use Killing Field or Breaking Blow apart from shatter. Warlord overall can use a small boost to make it comparable to Riftblade.
    Rompalstomp - Raid Lead / Warrior Lead "Nefarious"

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