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Thread: PTS Patcher update issues

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    Default PTS Patcher update issues

    It seems as if a number of files that the patcher is trying to download don't exist on the server that it's trying to update from.. when I dig through the glyph log and try to download them manually, I get a "file not found" error for most of them.

    Download folder in question:

    One of the files:
    [2018-02-17T03:50:27Z] [88df9607] Downloading http://update2.triongames.com/ch1-li...9B3D695B04024B (16 bytes) from offset 0
    [2018-02-17T03:50:27Z] ERR (#3300): Download failed with curl code 23: 0.00 MB in 0.06 seconds at 0.00 MB/s, 0% compression
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