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Thread: Pts Mystery Box: Vostigar Curiosities

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    Default Pts Mystery Box: Vostigar Curiosities

    Right-clicking doesn't do anything. Says Missing required Ingredients. Large Vostigar Pine 01, Large Vostigar Pine 02, Large Vostigar Pine 03, Medium Vostigar Pine 01, Medium Vostigar Pine 02, Small Vostigar Pine 01, Small Vostigar Pine 02, Legion Base Connector, Legion Camp Gate, Legion Guard House. ( Fixed with one exception)

    Vfx is not working on Source Decay Light 01, Source Entropy

    I believe the NPCs are just place holders because they are the same ones from the landquariam box

    Added 1/26 Legion Camp gate. gets stuck on one of the right clicks and repeats. It gets to Legion Camp Wall Connector. Then you click it it says it successfully made Legion Camp Gate but it didn't actually do it
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