There are some errors with each update on the PTS server. These may be bugs or sync errors with the recent path.
-The Calendar with daily rewards is no more, about a week (as I remember).
- If I'm not mistaken, there were about 4 or more upgrades before now (10/17/2017), in one of them there was (disappeared and came back today) the autumn quest. The problem is that now when collecting the pumpkins and go to the portal, there is nothing there, it is empty and without any NPC.
-There are also many items that can only be purchased if you get a certain achievement or an archievement. Example: Dimension items, they are all unlocked (without the lock icon), but can not be purchased. That is, you do not know what you can or can not get by just clicking one by one.
*Just notice that in these latest updates (since the week of fashion week wardrobe) this has been occurring in the PTS.