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Thread: PTS Mystic Archer

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    Default PTS Mystic Archer

    I couldn't find any good way to be Single target dps...

    but I will link AE spec video, I don know It's best or not

    I want they fix 2 things,

    1. Acane shot - this is Primary bolt ( tooltip says ) but this spell not work as Primary bolt
    not work Eternal weapon and 64 Mastery (Acane finesse)

    2. Arrow effect on ground - when I damage many target, I lost arrow effect on ground,
    so I just keep moving... (maybe PC resourse trouble?)
    anyways It's make me hard to keep this spec


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    Oh Mystic Archer... My issues...
    • A mage shouldn't be picking up arrows. This is a concept issue not really a functionality one.
      If you want to use that mechanic fine. Pick something else, maybe glowing orbs. Hell just re-use the artifact model art and make them 200% larger. Then rename the role into something that makes you think mage, not rogue.

    • Picking up items on the ground. They pop right where that mob was when you hit it. Let's think about that for a minute. Think Malannon, High Priest or any other fight where you can't physically walk to the NPC. Real estate in many fights is at a premium. Even if you can physically get to where the target is, many times there are a multitude of reasons why you shouldn't.
    I get it. You have what you think is a clever idea and you want to force it into the game. Let's look at this from a risk vs. reward aspect.
    • There are numerous inherent risks in situations that could prevent you from picking up these items. Not only are you dealing with extra risk, but you also have to manage the fight mechanics, cast rotations, target selection, and everything else that comes with an encounter. Now you have this new treasure hunt added for no apparent reason. Where is the pay-off? You are doing more and getting less for your effort than every other soul.
    • The abilities that use these "arrows" should be on a legendary level. Think AOE cinder burst, in-combat COTA, 100% Life taps, damage shields/healing shields, something rewarding.
    Mages are at the bottom of the barrel in DPS. It's not even remotely competitive. All of this time spent working on this, not needed role (please see Harbinger), could have been spent adjusting the class as a whole.

    Mystic Archer does one thing really well. It makes a great off soul for Arbitor. I guess I should be thankful. My raid slots just doubled. Now in addition to Archon, I can also tank.
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