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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: OFFICIAL FEEDBACK: 4.3 Crucia's Claw on PTS

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    It would be lovely if we could get an update on what balance changes we can expect to see on the PTS in the upcoming three weeks. Maybe if we could get some concrete expectations for positive change for balancing existing souls it would assuage a lot of the negativity over adding a new soul that nobody was asking for.

    If we can't expect any balance changes, it would also be appreciated if we could get an explanation as to why. The playerbase as a whole has been offering constructive feedback for months on soul rebalancing, so it would go a long ways towards reducing negativity if we could get an explanation on why our suggestions aren't being implemented this update.

    A little bit of communication can go a long way.

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    I'm trying to keep an open mind on this soul. I've already decided I won't drop plat, credits, or US dollars on this soul, no matter how OP it may end up being, until some effort is made to address the glaring balance issues within the mage class and with the other souls. I mean, I guess this is the answer to "when are we going to get soul rebalancing?" that I've seen asked since I returned in April.

    With that said:
    I'm struggling to understand the reasoning behind the mechanic where you have to run around and collect your bolts. If we're mages that can conjure up a magical bow with magical arrows, why can't we just use magic to bring back the spells?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iphigeneia View Post
    I'm struggling to understand the reasoning behind the mechanic where you have to run around and collect your bolts. If we're mages that can conjure up a magical bow with magical arrows, why can't we just use magic to bring back the spells?
    Quote Originally Posted by disso1 View Post
    So far I have to say, I realy like the Mystic Archer, except for one point, the collecting of bolts. Not that it messes the spec up completely, but I haven't played anything yet, that feels clunkier. Other Mystic Archers being able to "steal" my bolts doesn't help either.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kalell0 View Post
    what the spec really needs is an ability to gather/ suck the bolts in to the mage rather than just running around over them all over the place to collect them
    You could always add in an extra ability to gather them and have it require a certain amount of mana that means you can't sit there and spam... if the intention was to make sure the player is moving at some point. Having to run around the whole time seems a little silly without knowing why it was put there like that, but not having to move to pick up the bolts is probably simplifying it too much as well. Somewhere in between?
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    Bastion of Steel trash mobs X117 Titan's ability called Flamethrower keeps hitting
    player even after he finishes cast for like 3seconds
    Here is unit details:
    {availability = "full", coordX = 557.16998291016, coordY = 1184.4299316406, coordZ = 938.65997314453, health = 2147473647, healthMax = 2147473647, id = "u800000002F003BE6", level = "??", name = "X117 Titan", radius = 0.57499998807907, relation = "hostile", tag = "planar", tagName = "Planar", tier = "raid", type = "U357D7786556A5A26"}
    Here is video showing his attack continue hitting even after cast ended.

    Also don't know if its intended or not but teleports for boss fights are inside of arena instead of entrance so who ever wants to test bosses should kill trash?
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    Is Mystic Archer the final name for the new soul? There's already a Mystic soul and Archer isn't mage-sounding.

    Mystic Archers focus their power in the form of magical arrows fired from their bow
    We're using a Wand though. Was this meant to be a rogue soul? Serious conflict of theme going on.

    Mystic Archers are primarily designed to give a potent open world soul to mages that has several options for self sufficiency and powerful alpha strikes, while still having the ability to fight for longer periods of time (albeit with a much more complicated set of interactions the longer you fight). To facilitate this they have powerful mobility and defensive options that make them very flexible, as well as fairly high damage baseline. Many of these same elements will make them dangerous in PVP as well.
    Harbinger. You just described what Harb does and is. High damage, high survivability, great in pve, pvp, everything.

    This could have been a heavy elementalist rework/remake. Replace the arrows you collect with tiny versions of the ele pets. Gather them to have them follow you and empower your attacks. (I still dislike the go-fetch mechanic.) The storing and multiple elements is pretty close to ele cycles in concept.

    It'd also deal with a bunch of issues right now:
    - Ele is useless after heavy nerfs.
    - L-EF is op with eternal and defines specs as an off-soul.
    - Ele pets are dumb, conduit barely solves anything, especially when the last 61 ele spec didn't even use it.
    - Ele is meant to be an open-world spec, like this is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iphigeneia View Post
    I'm trying to keep an open mind on this soul. I've already decided I won't drop plat, credits, or US dollars on this soul, no matter how OP it may end up being, until some effort is made to address the glaring balance issues within the mage class and with the other souls. I mean, I guess this is the answer to "when are we going to get soul rebalancing?" that I've seen asked since I returned in April.
    Same here.
    I fear that they choose to do this new thing for mages before other classes just because they made mages underpowered with too much nerf, and they did not want to reverse the nerfs.
    So now it will be "you are not weak, if you want great dps play Archer". And no more work done to balance the other dps souls.
    I would have loved a new soul with a real mage feeling, Elementalist rework without pet, or some new type of magic. This Archer feels like a rogue for me. New mechanics feel like they will be a pain to play. Seems mages can't have simple things.

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    i'm always open to new things, but i can't hide i'm seriously concerned about the new mystic archer mechanic.
    i'll try to explain my concerns.

    rift environment so far was not meant for such a "aiming" system, because you lock a target and, depending on the calculated distance from it, you know if you can hit or not.
    with this system:
    - how could you determine if you are in the range?
    - maybe arrows range is unlimited?
    - if so what happens to arrows that surpass the target??
    - are they drawing threat from who knows where?
    - how they behave with los and physical obstacles?

    and of course i'm not talking about the whack-a-mole orbs, that i'm very sorry to have to consider pure madness.
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    *** Rant ***
    Absolutely Disappointed that we have a new Mage soul, We DON'T need or want a new soul YET!
    What we NEED and have been ASKING for is soul Revamps, Fixes, QoL Changes and BALANCE.
    There are plenty of dead fun souls to play, If all 61 souls were tuned and fixed, that would be plenty of different choices of spec to play, some easy some hard, some melee, some range.
    If remove the 61 Legendarys hybrid killers that you put in, and then tuned and brought back hybrids, there would be even more souls to play, they would be such a variety of different types of souls to play, we wouldn't need a new soul for a long time!
    *** Soul is staying no matter what any of us say, so Rant over **

    1) Open World
    - Currently i just can't see how or why this would be used in open world open, or why we needed a new soul for open world. We already have every soul that can solo content, some better then others (Ele, Necro Harb, pyro just 1 shot stuff), we already have souls/offsouls that can heal and sustain us in open world. So making a soul mainly for open world and solo content is just not needed!
    - To many teleports and movement things we will end up just pulling more mobs, isn't enough room for that many
    - Spells hitting the first mob in front of you is just again going to cause you to accidently pull more mobs

    2) PvP
    - I can see how this could be used in pvp with all the utilities, however this won't be used in PvP because every melee will walk circles around you. Just be standing on the mage, and running around them, or so many blinks (rouge/mage) the hit target in front of you will have such a low chance of hitting the melee player.

    1) Hit target in front of you abilities (all damage)
    - I Applause you for trying something new and something different, however 1 of the 2 new mechanics has to go or both, i think this type of combat has to go and doesn't fit with rift, however the Arrows on floor mechanic can stay (Maybe).
    - Open world/PvP issues i highlighted
    - Raid issue on some bosses may not even reach like, old volan, regulos type bosses
    - It just doesn't fit rift's combat, nor will it ever and the game doesn't have this action combat approach in any part of the game, and one expansion isn't going to fix that either

    2) Keep Arrows on floor mechanic
    - This can stay only if the above mechanic goes, it will be much easier to collect and hitting target at the same time with cast of target spells
    - Acutely After playing more with this, I Dislike it, there is just to much running around trying to get Elemental Bolts, just isn't fun. And running around and trying to damage the target is just like yea GG
    - If more people don't like then just make them auto pick up and tracked via the Class Mechanic play and focus on making the abilities better synced and more fun to play
    - Need to make sure your own arrows are ALWAYS visible not matter what, even if your graphics are on the lowest, you must always see them otherwise this mechanic is useless
    - Need to make sure this doesn't Lag the server on open world bosses like Fire Storm because there are going to be so many arrows on the floor if people just stand and spam 1 macro it may cause lag - Investigate this!
    - Arrows Spawn to far away when only attaching 1 Target, to far to run!
    - Having only 1 Arrow spawn when hitting only 1 Target is a nightmare, getting full stacks of elemental bolts takes forever

    3) To Many Charges/teleports
    - There is just to many and unnecessary, If you still want this many Utilities then from 2 and bring in a ST Root, and ST Stun, or bring a AoE Root or an AoE Stun.
    - Is there really a need for this much Utility though?

    4) No Ground AoE Abilities! (Shock Dispersal)
    - We have this problem with Fire storm in these kind of specs, and no one likes it! Having to manually place it on the ground every 9 seconds because it hits the outers first, good idea just isn't going to work in practice
    - AoE on ground type abilities always have been a problem for boss rooms, with small rooms, as your camera goes over the wall and you can't place AoE's on the floor unless you bring your camera in the arena again, with such a short CD isn't going to work.

    5) Buff "Elemental Gifts" make a Toggle
    - Having this as a buff is just meh, it means have to macro a "Cancelbuff" or right click it off in your buff bar, (Just like Life giving Veil) it just won't work specially as this stops you spawning arrows.
    - Make this ability a toggle and life becomes much easier
    - Range on Elemental range damage on pick up is so large you just pull random mobs, please make it damage the target you are targeting
    - The healing is so small specially when targeting 1 mob, may as well just got FK or Chloro off soul or use the 65 Mastery and not even bothering toggling for Health

    6) Charge Abilities using mana when other charge abilities in other souls NEVER cost mana
    - Paths Converge
    - Arcane Bolt Storm
    - Temporal Shot

    7) Not all skills show Range, when the range is 35m

    8) "Flowing Energies" branch talent, Elemental Damage, what classes as Elemental Damage in other souls, just make it Damage, SP, Int etc. Don't bring something else in..

    9) "Elemental Barrier" just seems useless 1 charge for tiny shield and only lasts 10 secs, Rather 3 Charges or 2, bigger shield and up for longer time and give shield a CD.
    - Would rather it was winding paths arrows consumed on use not a elemental bolts arrow

    10) Path "Less Travelled Don't" Branch don't like how it forces you to use a tele ability or damage reduction, to proc this and maintain it every 30secs.
    - "Paths Converge" procing this talent when it shouldn't be

    11) "Temporal Shot" Consumes Charge But it doesn't say that, so this means it needs it mana it uses take off
    - In current Situation with arrows I don't like the Non-GCD ability and combo interaction with Elemental Rapture Think its just messy
    - Damage of this ability just seems so Low

    Due to the way the mechanics of the hit closet target and arrow pick up work Not matter what the other abilities do or function It just isn't going to work, to much running around, to much trying to hit the target, it just currently doesn't work for this game.

    Due to this testing the acutely functionality of the soul is not nice due to this first 2 mechanics, if they were changed or removed, I think this would give the soul a better feel and then we can work on getting a better feel for the other abilities and make the feel and play style of the soul better as currently the play style is just messy and feels not complete.

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    yeah im gonna nitpick on the name as well, mystic archer? c'mon already have a soul with that name. someone said arcane archer on another thread, sounds good to me. please change the name.

    wheres the bow? archer? no bow? im sure everyone who read that name was expecting magical bow ala harb weapon buffs. wheres the mage armor?

    ok now as for this souls usefulness to other souls. right now this offers nothing except to tanks, a rather niche soul that not alot of mages play. would be nice if it at least offered something that stopped forcing all specs to spec into weird gcd buffs from harb arb. (i know i would rather those things be changed and have been asking for that. like making L peircing a self buff to cut down on the buffing bloat especially for pyro)

    most importantly soul doesnt play well with other low lv legendaries that are worth actually picking up. the way charge works prevents use of E Forces from ele. L internalize from pyro doesnt affect anything in it. so once again another soul stuck with harb and arb.

    so to be most effective you would need THREE PAID SOULS. (can i expect this to blow prim out of the water?)

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    I really think that the devs should consider not selling these new souls as a pack. Seems like they are forcing the player to buy a lot of useless junk to get that one soul for the locked in class they are playing.

    It doesn't feel right anymore since the game has changed to discourage players from actually multiclassing. Especially when you consider the point of making planar fragments drop specifically for your class instead of re-imagining a new way to free the players to choose other classes without having such a harsh re grind and investment.

    I warned about this way before the expansion was released. Due to massive imbalances in PvP and PvE people can't even find a way to escape out of it without investing tons of money and time back into the OP classes who are left for far too long overpowered sometimes years.

    It is the key reason why many players just decide NOT to play Rift or parts of Rift. Or invest in Rift. You are losing an absurd amount of potential investors by doing this.

    For instance, how Cleric and Mage is pretty much extinct in warfronts. Also, more players moving to playing OP classes like Primalist and Rogue and to a less extent Warrior and ditching the other classes.

    Then in order to encourage players to switch back because all of a sudden there isn't enough randomness for the itemization and art team to actually warrant development you have to balance the other classes back. But this won't be enough to fix it. You would really just have to make those classes OP to promote randomness. I literally don't understand why you are in favor of pushing 50% of your players into leather wearers.. just to screw them over in the end.. seems really trollish in my opinion. Because that is what is happening in PvP already with the other two mystical classes being virtually extinct.

    It is basically play A or B and have a significant advantage over everyone else or play C D and E only if you like to RP.. I am trying to be as objective as possible btw. Yes, it is awesome for those classes to have a great playing experience for so long but in the end it could end up hurting all players and employees even.
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    So I messed around a bit on a boosted 65 mage with the gear from the boost box.

    Some things I noticed:

    Testing on dummy, range seemed to be 33.9m, and was not affected by the +5m range mastery.

    Elemental Gifts should be a toggle

    Using Summoning Quiver with Elemental Gifts on auto-consumes all the granted bolts. It's basically a free full-heal out of combat. However, if there happens to be an enemy in range, it will get hit by all 10 procs of Elemental Gifts.

    You're definitely going to hit some random enemies as you try to gather bolts while aiming your shots.

    Elemental Barrier would feel better if oGCD

    Soloing with Elemental Gifts is pretty easy. Had no problem killing two level 66 mobs at once. You can also one-button macro a solo spec pretty easily.
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    Update: the team has implemented some changes for Eternal Weapons to help fix a few of the balancing issues that have been brought up. Please test them and let us know what you think in this thread.

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    Mystic Archer bolts will now only spawn in front of the player. The ranges at which they can spawn have been narrowed down considerably.

    We are also aware of how hard it can be to know what you're going to hit, so FX is working on something to help that. No eta rn though.

    class changes are now on keyens twitter

    so it seems he really wants this arrow pick up mechanic. i gotta ask why is this so important, why cant it work similar to building combo points?

    lets skip the how horrible this is for pve and raiding in general as well as pvp where movement and placement is king. looking at this soul from a strictly world pve soul, how is me having to move around potentially aggroing mobs i dont want to in any way something that anyone would want?

    lets try some scenarios.

    1. i aggroed a bunch of mobs, let me use a self push back to gain distance, oh but wait now my arrows are out of range now

    2. i wanna kill speficic mob, lets say in vostigar peak where u cant take 2 steps without agrroing something. i shoot the mob, but my attacks went right past it and now i;ve aggroed adds i dont want to

    for 2 you guys need to add a toggle that prevents attack penetration through mobs

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    Default Daily Calendar

    I notice when you log in the Daily Calendar does not pop up but when you log out, the pop up about being able to collect the gift for the drinks still shows up. Are you doing away with the calendar? If so, please remove the log out notice too

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    Default Mystic Archer Feedback -

    My initial reaction is that I'm excited about a new soul and play style, that said, I personally have little use for a soul focused on open world content. Please make this soul useful for end game content.

    Also, class balance is a priority for me over the release of a new soul.

    General: Too much movement to pick up Elemental Bolts that will result in undesirable situations.
    • Suggestions - create an ability that causes Elemental Bolts to slowly gravitate toward the caster, similar to the speed of time bombs in the Iron Legion raid rift. At least this would allow casters to stay out of bad. Caster could still run to pick-up faster if desired. Or, create gtae pull that would gather bolts within the area.

    • Elemental Barrage - really cool ability. Cool animation, good burst and fun to cast.
    • Arcane Bolt Storm - Has little overall impact on total damage over an extended period of time and does not feel rewarding enough for a 61 point ability.
    • Elemental Rupture - Does not feel impactful enough for the top of the tree based on setup required.
    • Elemental Gift - change this to have it hit the target. Hitting random targets has always a pain to deal with in open work and raid and doesn't benefit pvp either. This can be seen with Legendary Bloom or Nature's Fury.
    • No armor - guess this is ok if intended but seems to break the norm. Can use Pyro armor or Eldritch Armor from off-souls but many others are not accessible if using 61 point Mystic Archer build.
    • Elemental Bolts - I do not see the individual buffs that show stacks for any of the 3 types of bolts only the 0-10 in the class mechanic
    • Is the damage bonus for Path Less Travelled high enough to compensate for the dps loss of using gcd's for movement abilities to pick up bolts plus time needed to line up target?
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