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    Default OFFICIAL: Bastion of Steel - Azranel

    The first Tier 2 raid, Bastion of Steel is now open for testing. Please put any feedback you have on the first boss, Azranel in this thread.

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    Only thing that really did damage was when the tank hit 5 stacks and died.

    Two people get dropping red bubbles, that did no damage.

    The lightning damage from the pillars was hitting super low.

    The multiple colored bubbles seemed to work? You get stunned when you are in purple and something got cleansed with 5 stacks before we could see.

    Later on in the fight his priority queue for giving tanks stacks was spread out long enough that stacks fell off one tank. (I'm not sure if it would be a good idea to change thing incase it gives stacks TOO fast and tanks can't tank swap in time).

    Marko said alot of HP and things have been tweaked already and we are waiting on a new hotfix.
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    Default boaring fight

    don't have much more to say boase said it all.

    I want to point the trash issue have 3 big mach guys the only one with a cleave they have a yello cast that can not be purged int cleanced or what ever we try everything on them LOS tank swap , share damge ........ in the end of the yello cast everyone die don't metter how far you are and if you LOS that need to be fixed we put 3 tank heals on the tank its just 1 shot

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    Appreciate the feedback,
    I have upped the damage by an average of 30 - 40%, and this should hopefully be in the next PTS build. Still working on some of the other issues I saw.

    As always thank you for your time.


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    Lightnings from turret to turret and turret to boss aren't shown always.

    With actual settings good killable, depends on enrage timer, killed with 8:45 with many deaths in the fight.

    Missile Storm seems a little low damage, still can stand on one spot with good healing.

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    Fight currently seems alright, probably the best fight in the instance and killable for probably only the 1% of raiders.

    However this really isnt going to be by many people because of 1 main factor.... Boss heal on Player death.
    For 1% sure can do it, but many wont due to so much going on and many deaths = wipe and boss near full health.

    *Reduce amount boss heal on player death
    *Remove boss heal on player death (first boss, already has plenty of mechanics)

    Side note, i feel that the tower buff needs either increasing to 30 seconds or the comet needs be more consistent on 10 stacks as currently 20 sec buff can fall of in while 10 stacks and still not have comet spawn

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