I have Been a fan of rift since beta. I have played it off and on over the years. What always draws me back is the Necromancer class. I recently purchased the prophecy of anket expansion and got to lvl 70. I spent some money getting loot charges and some QoL rift store purchases. After extensive play testing I have found my favorite class Very lacking. Now, im not looking to only ever play Necro. I also enjoy all of the other Mage Roles. But I have found a huge number of issues with my most Loved soul. It isn't that i want it to be the best soul, I just want it to work. So ill list things i have found wrong. Any feed back on this would go a long way in staying in game and being willing to pay for stuff occasionally.

Not working:
Legendary Condemn- Texts says add 2 stacks of deathly calling to mage after spell duration complete. Should add two stacks to target. Also, if reaching 6+ Stacks before expiration, stack size drops to 5 instead of adding to current stack size.
-Suggested fix: Increase Cool down. Remove stacks added after expiration. Change to not consume Stacks. Adjust Damage accordingly.

Bone frenzy- From what i can tell this has no affect on pet damage at all.

Legendary Reapers Touch- The stacks of deathly calling are false. They go above the max stack size, cannot be consumed, and do not count for any spells or abilities in any way.
-Suggested fix: If working as intended would be fine. This would make Desecrate not be a huge loss in dps. Or change all stack consuming abilities to not consume stacks and alter functionality.

Legendary Soul Bond- The pet damage buff randomly ends for unknown reasons.

Legendary Plague Bolt- Seems to receive Plague Carrier stacks from Corpse Talon.

Thank you for your time