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Thread: Cannot download any more data?

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    Default Cannot download any more data?

    For some reason, the pts is not connecting properly for me. At some point, when getting it, I get a window message saying that the game cannot download any more data, and forces me to exit. This has occured but before and after the character selection screen. Not sure if this is occuring for anyone else or not, but figured to mention it in case someone else was having the same issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bahmeh View Post
    Not sure if this is occuring for anyone else or not
    It's not just you, it's been this way for a while now, like you i can get to character selection screen but if you check the background downloader on top, you'll see this message.

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    I ran in to this once right after I deleted a PTS char and transferred one from live, but it cleared up after I restarted Glyph entirely. Try that?

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