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    Quote Originally Posted by TrionBrasse View Post
    Revised date to slide this onto PTS: TODAY. Time not determined yet, but will update when I have it!

    Rifleman, I think that post removal was an error. Having the mods reverse it now... and I am not aware of any balance or PvP changes coming in with the iROTP push.
    That reminds me to schedule a PvP livestream!

    I assumed that wast the case but I wanted to make sure

    May the Dwarf be with you -- Rifle.

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    Can confirm the Portal to iRoTP is up on PTS, as suspected it's next to the old Portal in Stonefield.

    They also put the gear vendor outside if you need to stock up on test iRoTP gear and relic fragments before jumping in.

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    I've made an official feedback thread for iROTP in the PTS forums, so I'll close this one and ask you all to head over there. =)
    Thanks for the handy location image, Slipmat!
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